5 thoughts to “Laughing Salesman – 26 (HD)”

  1. Thanks, I still believe this is better than the new remake salesman. I stopped after few eps when I noticed their eps aren’t as good as this gem ^^

  2. Started downloading the classic series after finishing the new one. Always had interest in this show so it’s great to see that someone is translating it.

    By the way, episode 11 has no seeds. If you guys can do something about that it would be highly appreciated.

  3. Hi!
    I’m not from Saizen but I’m seeding episode 11 now for you. I don’t know if my speed is too slow though.
    BTW, sometimes the torrent page will show no seeds when there are, it’s happened to me with a couple of these. It supposedly has 0 seeds but after you connect starts downloading.

    People of Saizen: Thank you so much for this! Hopefully, you’ll continue with the rest of the series and specials too, if possible.

  4. Thank you! It’s downloading now. Don’t worry about your cnnection speed, mine isn’t great either.

    Yeah, sometimes the torrent page shows no seeds even if it isn’t true. In fact it happens with more Laughing Salesman episodes other than the 11, but that’s the only one that was stuck at 0% when every other episode downloaded just fine.

    Thanks again for your help, and to Saizen for subbing this show.

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