Kuroko’s Basketball – Let’s Chat OVA [DVD]

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Day 13 of Saizen’s 13 Days of Christmas saw us slow things down a bit, reflect, and have a little chat with Kuroko’s Basketball’s Let’s Chat OVA, otherwise known in Japanese as “oshaberi shiyokka”!

This OVA was included in the “owaranai natsu” (endless summer/never-ending summer) fan disc that was released in December 2012. I hadn’t planned on doing these extra fan discs when I started the project, but when kokujin-kun came to the project team with the DVD ISO and a translated script, we just couldn’t say no, so a big thanks to kokujin-kun for making this happen!

This OVA takes place around the end of S1. It’s been a while since they’ve been to a Maji Burger, so all of Seirin gets together to sit down, have a meal, and, as Riko puts it, have a talk “about a bunch of off-the-cuff, stupid, random crap!” It provides a nice little recap of season 1 and serves as a bookend to that season.

We would’ve loved to have been able to offer you this in Blu-Ray, but this fan disc was only released as a DVD, so unfortunately this is all we’re going to get.

We are working on the extras that were included with this fan disc as well, and we will be releasing them after we finish up with the music videos they included with it. The extras include creditless OP/EDs for season 1, all of the end card screens that were shown at the end of broadcast version of the show, and music videos with original songs for Kuroko, Kagami, Hyuga, Kise, Aomine, Midorima, and Takao.

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Anyway, wrapping things up, I hope you all enjoyed our burst of activity over the holidays. From the Touou game, to the rise and fall of Shigeharu Honda, a stop off in Hell, the baseball girls showing you what they were made of, a baby popping in to say “Hi!”, and the captain making an appearance himself, it was a fun ride. It’s Wednesday, January 6th now, and I’m sure the majority of you have had to get back to work. Did you have a nice little break?

As for myself, you probably won’t be hearing from me too much in January. This release spree featured a lot of scripts that I had completed months before December (ie. Kuroko, Major, and Hells… I don’t work on the other shows that were released), so it was mostly just cleaning out my proverbial closet of scripts. I’ll probably be taking a week off as I’ve pretty much been subbing daily since November to make sure we could get you a full 13 Days. After that, it’s back to the grind as we have the rest of Kuroko Season 2 to bring you (and I have to start translating more Major too :P).

In some other good news, the first 2 volumes of season 3 arrived in the mail a week or so ago for me, so whenever season 2 finishes up, expect us to start releasing season 3 a little more closer to the end of season 2 than we did with season 2 after we finished season 1. At the same time, we just have the first 2 volumes of season 3 right now, so if you see the BDMV’s for the rest of the season show up anywhere, please let us know so we can grab them and save ourselves a bunch of cash.

Major Season 1 – 06 720p

Major - 06 workraw [F742C884]_001_5215
Day 12 of Saizen’s 13 Days of Christmas and we’re almost at the end. Today, we bring you Major Season 1 – 06.

At the end of the last episode, we saw Gibson drill Shigeharu in the head with a pitch. Is he all right? Will he stand again? Goro can’t possibly lose his father too, can he? Yeah, probably not. No way things would be that tragic, right? Well, I kinda spoiled it with the release pic anyway. Looks like he’s fine. Oh well.

Anyway, this is probably the last episode of Major for the release spree, but it is a pretty epic one, so grab it quick and see how things go down for yourself!

Enjoy and be prepared to be moved!

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Kuroko’s Basketball – 43

Kuroko no Baske - 43 - BD.720p [627822FC]_001_871
Day 11 of Saizen’s 13 Days of Christmas, and… awww yeah, we’re finally there. The end of the Winter Cup Touou game takes place in Kuroko’s Basketball – 43!

We got introduced to the Zone in the last one as Aomine forcibly opened its door. All looked lost for Seirin after that as Aomine had become utterly unstoppable, but then all of a sudden Kagami… Did he really? Are we really going to see an epic laser-eye power battle? Damn skippy, we are.

This episode is one of the most exciting episodes of the entire series if not the single most exciting episode, so make sure you grab it!


Major Season 1 – 05 720p

Day 10 of Saizen’s 13 Days of Christmas brings us one of the most impactful episodes of Major there is: Season 1, Episode 5.

We were briefly introduced to him last episode, but we finally get to meet the man himself in this one as Joe Gibson arrives in Japan. It’s rather strange for a Cy Young Award winner to go to Japan the year after he won the Cy Young Award, so he must have special reason, right? I mean, it’s never happened in real life before. Meanwhile, Shigeharu and Miss Hoshino’s romance blossoms as they grow closer. Then, finally, Major doesn’t waste any time and we get to the legendary showdown between Shigeharu and Joe Gibson as they face-off in series defining matchup.

Don’t take my word for it though. Grab it quick and watch it for yourself!

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Kuroko’s Basketball – 42

Kuroko no Baske - 42 - BD.720p [E0F1082B]_001_21334
Day 9 of Saizen’s 13 Days of Christmas and here’s an episode that everyone who’s in the know has been looking forward to, Kuroko’s Basketball – 42!

The game against Touou rages on in this one as Seirin is still trying to bring things back to even against Touou. The problem is they just can’t manage to stop Aomine. Kuroko has a plan though, but will Aomine really just let Kuroko take him out like that? Or does he have some other tricks up his sleeve? Will he actually enter the…?

This is a really exciting ep, so make sure you grab it and I hope everyone’s having a great first day of the year πŸ˜‰

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