Kuroko’s Basketball – 43

Kuroko no Baske - 43 - BD.720p [627822FC]_001_871
Day 11 of Saizen’s 13 Days of Christmas, and… awww yeah, we’re finally there. The end of the Winter Cup Touou game takes place in Kuroko’s Basketball – 43!

We got introduced to the Zone in the last one as Aomine forcibly opened its door. All looked lost for Seirin after that as Aomine had become utterly unstoppable, but then all of a sudden Kagami… Did he really? Are we really going to see an epic laser-eye power battle? Damn skippy, we are.

This episode is one of the most exciting episodes of the entire series if not the single most exciting episode, so make sure you grab it!


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  1. Can You Guys Give A Kind Of Estimate As To When The Full Blu-Ray Batch Will Be Released.
    Prodigy Of The World…

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