19 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa – 109”

  1. yay finally !
    good job
    hoping to see the end of he project soon, wanna live the complete childhood memories again :”)

  2. Thank you for this!

    I realize how long it takes to release an episode, but is there any possibility on getting Shin Captain Tsubasa OVA in the future?

  3. I hear you, but subbing nearly 100 episodes of Captain Tsubasa does something to you. I don’t think I’m lying when I say that all of us dislike the show by now…

  4. I’d say quit watching Naruto, but just watch One Piece of Detective Conan and you’ll understand why being long doesn’t mean bad, but you’ll never stop watching 😛
    I like how I mixed these two animes in one sentence 😛

  5. Thanks a lot Saizen, I can’t wait to watch it!

    @Joa – You can watch Shin Captain Tsubasa with English subtitles on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCF5A4F44EA97FFB3

    @sangofe – Are you a soccer fan? I am a die hard soccer fan and I REALLY love Captain Tsubasa, it is the best show I have ever watched. I guess it depends if you like soccer. I’ve never watched the show up until I found it here but my uncle told me about it, as he watched the show in Italian. I am really happy you guys got this episode done, you guys are truly amazing! I hope you can finish it though, it must be tough doing something you don’t like. If only I knew Japanese I would finish the series for you guys all by myself, but I can’t speak a lick of it so I just have to depend on you guys Anyway, I truly thank you a lot for the episode! Keep up the good work!

  6. TsubasaHyuga10: I’ve loved football since I was a 8 year kid, and I play it weekly with friends. Captain Tsubasa has almost nothing to do with football with those ridiculous shots, the field that never ends, the savings from the goal keepers…

  7. Arigatou, minna-san.

    Really, i become really happy when i check the news and there’s a tsubasa ep.

    I agree that technically CT isn’t about football at all, but the important thing is the challenging spirit of the characters. It inspires me, to the point that when i play sports against someone who’s above me i try my best. Yet, limits are still real, but you can try and surpass yours. That’s why i like CT and sports anime in general.

    @Johnny, there’s 3 episodes already subbed by frenchies-subs before they closed their site years ago(btw you ain’t the same Johnny from that fansub, right?), the problem is that there’re no seeds for it, and i didn’t download it in the past, so i can’t even help you that much, only give you that small info. Maybe someone has them (Google doesn’t).

    Good luck to all of you.

    Happy new year.

  8. Yes, I am the same Johnny.
    If there are only 3 episodes on YT, it means there are F-S’subs, so they’re good.
    U can download them on F-S’ IRC channel (the episodes are still available there).

  9. sangofe: What a surprise, age 8 was when I started to seriously love soccer too! I play weekly with my friends as well, but while I’m not the fastest and my dribbling is only decent as well, my friends say I have Hyuga’s Tiger Shot (LOL ?). In my opinion the show was realistic up until the Drive Shot and Tiger Shot era, which isn’t even that bad (maybe the shots get more unrealistic in J and RT 2002, haven’t watched them and can’t wait to watch them when I finish this series!) I really have a deep love for the show because it’s about soccer and the games are dramatic, powerfully emotional, and downright beautiful. It’s really down to personal interests and opinions. I don’t even like or watch REAL anime, the only animes I’ve ever watched and ever will watch are The Knight In The Area soccer anime and currently Captain Tsubasa, which I love so much that I found myself checking a random anime website everyday for Captain Tsubasa and talking to random anime subbers that don’t even like the show. Anyway, which soccer team do you support? I’m a Real Madrid and Ronaldo fan.

    Have a great year everyone!

  10. Great coincidence, this show used to be aired dubbed in my homecountry Bolivia when I was a kid. Had vague memories (and this is me being 8-9 years) of this soccer anime,and recently 20 years later I tracked it down.

    Found clips on youtube (the guy that uploaded polish sub) and as I went to the end of the english subbed youtube videos I thought well there ends the journey. But simultaneously you guys start the fansubs… awesome luck. Thanks for your work saizen subs!

  11. TsubasaHyuga10 : Well, I used to support Manchester United, but not under Van Gaal… He’s lunatic and the team’s terrible now.

    I support the Norwegian club “Molde”, then the norwegian national team even though they suck because they’re the first team i watched a full game with when I was about 8 years old and I totally fell in love with football then. I think it might’ve been Norway vs England or something like that.

    Right now, though, I love teams that either play fast counter attacks, or highly skilled offensive football – so I like teams like Arsenal, Barcelona, Bayern Munchen, Chelsea (at their best), Real Madrid… (lol, yeah, you can like both Barca and Madrid :P)

    As for football shows that are realistic, there aren’t many, but if you watch “Whistle!” that’s pretty darn good because it reminds me of my younger football days.

  12. sangofe: Yeah, Man Utd is doing horribly right now. They should hire Mourinho, Van Gaal was never good even from the start. I will make sure to check out Whistle. The only other anime I’ve watched is The Knight In The Area on Crunchyroll. Since you’re a soccer fan I recommend it, very nice show. I tried Inazuma Eleven but I thought that was stupid. Before I saw Captain Tsubasa, The Knight In The Area was my favourite show.

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