Major Season 1 – 02 720p

Things keep rolling on today on Day 4 of Saizen’s 13 Days of Christmas with Major Season 1 Episode 2! In the last episode, we were introduced to Goro, his dad Shigeharu, his dad’s friend Shigeno Hideki, his teacher Miss Hoshino, as well as to the tragedy of losing his mother. It looked like Shigeharu’s baseball career is over, but we start out this episode with Goro waking up to this sight! Will Shigeharu actually take Shigeno’s suggestion and attempt to switch over from pitching to batting? Find out the answer in this episode as we explore two friendships that define the Major series in this one!

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  1. Olaf: what happened was miscommunication. The project leader has talked about releasing on christmas eve first but he left somewhere without good internet. Because of that, he asked another project member of Taisho to release. He then asked someone else in staff to release – without having the v2 of ep 6 on the project ftp -, so a batch with the wrong files got made because they weren’t in the distro ftp where we set up seed servers from…

    We’re now waiting for the project leader to release… Which will probably happen again.

    But rest assured, it will be out!

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