Major Season 1 – 04 720p

Major - 04 workraw [DCC283DF]_001_10227
Day 8 of Saizen’s 13 Days of Christmas and we’re a little embarrassed like Shigeharu here, so let’s get the next episode of Major Season 1 out to you!

In the last episode, we saw Shigeharu make his first appearance as a batter in dramatic fashion as he crushed a game-winning home run. In this one, it’s Goro’s birthday! Goro’s a little worried his dad forgot about his birthday with all the time he’s had to put into switching over to batting. Has he really forgotten? Would he really forget about his son’s birthday? Yeah, probably not, but what’s going on between him and Miss Hoshino? Oh, and who’s this Major Leaguer? Joe Gibson? What’s his deal?

To find out the answers to all of this and more, grab this one quick! Oh yeah! Have a Happy New Year too!


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Kuroko’s Basketball – 41.5

Kroko no Baske - 41.5 - BD.720p [4A126754]_001_19107
Da-da-da-da-dum! Day 7 of Saizen’s 13 Days of Christmas brings us another exciting entry in Kuroko’s Basketball. Before we continue with the Touou game, let’s take a second to look back at his Teiko days with Kuroko in DVD/BD exclusive: Episode 41.5.

The script for this one was built from the ground up and was translated by kokujin-kin (Thanks, koku!). It explores the relationship between Kuroko and Aomine during their times together at Teiko, from their initial meeting to their eventual falling out. Since it’s during their Teiko days, everyone looks a lot younger in the episode. They changed a few scenes in the OP as well, so that was a neat little bonus. It also gives us a bit more insight into Aomine, his motivations, what kind of person he used to be, and how he ended up at Touou before we get to the end of the game against him and his Touou Academy team

Anyway, kick back and give it a watch. It’s pretty cool.


Major Season 1 – 03 720p

Major - 03 workraw [9959852D]_001_10054
Day 6 of Saizen’s 13 Days of Christmas and we have Major Season 1 – 03 for you! As Shigeharu is attempting to make his comeback as a batter, Goro and Toshi try to join a little league team! But, for some reason, Shigeharu seems to be against it. What are his reasons? How is his comeback going? How many questions can I ask? Apparently, just three, but this episode leaves a lot more! Enjoy!

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Kuroko’s Basketball – 41

Kroko no Baske - 41 - BD.720p [3CB78921]_001_18912
Day 5 of Saizen’s 13 Days of Christmas brings us Kuroko’s Basketball – 41 on Blu-Ray! Check this one out as we saw Kagami’s awakening in the last episode wasn’t quite enough to bring Seirin all the way back against Touou… They still need Kuroko. But Touou has something up their sleeve as they have switched Imayoshi onto him and look to stop Seirin’s comeback in its tracks. Will Kuroko and Seirin take this lying down? How will they respond? Grab this one quick and find out!

Major Season 1 – 02 720p

Things keep rolling on today on Day 4 of Saizen’s 13 Days of Christmas with Major Season 1 Episode 2! In the last episode, we were introduced to Goro, his dad Shigeharu, his dad’s friend Shigeno Hideki, his teacher Miss Hoshino, as well as to the tragedy of losing his mother. It looked like Shigeharu’s baseball career is over, but we start out this episode with Goro waking up to this sight! Will Shigeharu actually take Shigeno’s suggestion and attempt to switch over from pitching to batting? Find out the answer in this episode as we explore two friendships that define the Major series in this one!

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