Kuroko’s Basketball – 41.5

Kroko no Baske - 41.5 - BD.720p [4A126754]_001_19107
Da-da-da-da-dum! Day 7 of Saizen’s 13 Days of Christmas brings us another exciting entry in Kuroko’s Basketball. Before we continue with the Touou game, let’s take a second to look back at his Teiko days with Kuroko in DVD/BD exclusive: Episode 41.5.

The script for this one was built from the ground up and was translated by kokujin-kin (Thanks, koku!). It explores the relationship between Kuroko and Aomine during their times together at Teiko, from their initial meeting to their eventual falling out. Since it’s during their Teiko days, everyone looks a lot younger in the episode. They changed a few scenes in the OP as well, so that was a neat little bonus. It also gives us a bit more insight into Aomine, his motivations, what kind of person he used to be, and how he ended up at Touou before we get to the end of the game against him and his Touou Academy team

Anyway, kick back and give it a watch. It’s pretty cool.


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  1. Awesome, new stuff for me too. Just a little detail though: “Since it’s during their Touou days”, shouldn’t it be “Since it’s during their Teiko days”?

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