Happy 40th Birthday, Luurah!



Our own Luurah has left his playful youth behind and turned 40 today. I now officially declare him being “ossan.” 😛

I wish him a lot of quality checkers for our projects and getting hugged by a blue-haired girl!

(I suspect we need to ask zegond to dye her hair blue).

I also wish him loads of robots for his birthday and that he will never stop loving them! 😀


11 thoughts to “Happy 40th Birthday, Luurah!”

  1. Happy birthday. Whoa, never would have guessed that was your age, man 😛 You as active and young spirited as a youngster in his early 20’s 😉

  2. Congratulations, Luurah! Be glad you’re not a kanji teacher. They’re called Obaaaaaaaa-san or Ojiiiiiiiiiiii-san at best. 😉

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