Beast Saga 01-38 Batch!

BS 01-38

Not much has happened since last time in terms of finding DVDs or BDs, we still intend to sub the special episodes if we ever manage to get our hands on them, but right now it doesn’t look too promising.

In other news, the batch is finally ready! Fixing timing issues and making the typesetting and such consistent hasn’t been high on my priority list… Come to think of it, I’ve also got the Ashita no Joe v2’s to take care of…

Anyways, these are still the same old TV-releases as you might have guessed. If you already have the old files, below you’ll find a link to a patch so that you don’t have to redownload all the episodes again. ^^

Beast fight!

Batch Patch.

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Magnet URI[Ruri-Saizen] Beast Saga - 01-38
MD5: n/a

4 thoughts to “Beast Saga 01-38 Batch!”

  1. Ever tried buyee or zenmarket?
    You can find some very rare and old stuff there. Sure, sometimes it’s a bit of a lottery, but we don’t have many options.

  2. Please seed. I recently found out about the Beast Saga toys and am interested in watching the series as well. Thank you for subbing this, but if you’re able, please re-seed it. Thank you!

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