Kuroko’s Basketball – 29

Kurozuka - 29 - BD.1080p [FC8BA216]_001_31346

And another big “Happy Monday” to everyone out there. AMS here with the next ep of Kuroko’s Basketball on Blu-Ray for you. After nicely wrapping up their opening match of the preliminaries, which was a single-game elimination situation, Seirin has now moved on to the championship league, with the top two teams gaining entry into the Winter Cup.

First up for Seirin is Senshinkan, who they’ve lost to twice already… but the episode doesn’t end there! We also get introduced to a mysterious new player who seems to have some sort of history with Kiyoshi, and, to top it all off, then Seirin begins their second game of the championship league as they take on Midorima and his Shutoku team for the second time! Lots of stuff going on in this one. Enjoy!

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Kuroko’s Basketball – 28

Kurozuka - 28 - BD.1080p [RC1] [8277A454]_001_8254

You know, recently there’s been a lot of Falsedawn all over our front page, so here’s some less FalseDawn for you with Kuroko’s Basketball – 28, Team Kuroko’s second release of the day.

In this one, Seirin begins their march towards the Winter Cup as they play their first game against the powerhouse, Josei (*tee-hee*). How will Seirin play in their first game with Kiyoshi back? Will they be able to hold Josei off, or will they fold and lose in their very first game of the season and be eliminated from the Winter Cup before they even begin? Grab this one quick and find out! Enjoy!

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Kuroko’s Basketball – 27

Kurozuka - 27 - BD.720p [667C8518].mkv_snapshot_14.13_[2015.07.02_01.42.29]

And a great big “heeeeeeeey” to everyone on this lovely summer Monday! Here’s Kuroko’s Basketball – 27 on Blu-Ray for your viewing enjoyment!

There’s nothing better than playing a bit of street ball on a nice hot summer day, and it looks like Kiyoshi and the Seirin 1st-years had a similar thought. Learn more about the Generation of Miracles’ center, Murasakibara, and what went down in the finals of Inter-High in this one as Seirin looks to march towards the Winter Cup. Oh, and I almost forgot! Find out who’s stretching out this bear in this one too! Enjoy!

P.S. I’m going to providing a little bit of a longer explanation about a term that is used in this episode after the torrent links. There are slight spoilers about this specific episode in it, so just skip it if you’re that worried about getting spoiled.

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What the hell’s a “ganguro”? Featuring AMS.

Okay, so in this episode we have Momoi calling Aomine a “ganguro” at one point. Originally, I had left this in the script without even a note, because I figured most people watching this would know what it was. Luckily, one of Team Kuroko’s QCers pointed out to me that they had no idea what it was and had to look it up. Because of that, I thought I’d provide a little additional information here. First things first, wikipedia has a decent article on the term and subculture if you want to check it out (Wiki Link). Alternatively, you can get a good idea of what “ganguro” entails with a simple google image search (Google Images). Anyway, “ganguro” is a rather specific street fashion in Japan that’s most distinguishing features are being excessively tanned and wearing A LOT of makeup (particularly in the case of women from what those Google images tell you). The word itself in Japanese is ガングロ (ganguro). I had never really thought of the etymology of the word but wikipedia provided an interesting thought in that it comes from the phrase ガンガン黒 (gan-gan-kuro), which would literally mean “excessively black.” So why did Momoi call Aomine that? Well, if you watch the show enough, you know who Aomine is. He has a pretty dark complexion compared to every other character on the show. I’m not even sure if he’s supposed to be Japanese or Brazilian-Japanese, but, nonetheless, it’s quite clear that he has a very dark complexion. Given this, it’s obvious that Momoi was taking some sort of shot at his skin color.

TL;DR – “Ganguro” is essentially Japanese blackface. Momoi was taking a shot at Aomine’s skin color.

Attack on Titan – OAD 1-3 Batch

Hello Titanheads, we finally finished up the third OAD of Attack on Titan (I may have stalled it somewhat >.>) so here it is for your viewing pleasure. This OAD takes place not long after the last culinary extravaganza but this one’s a little more serious, focussing around a seemingly routine expedition for the cadets that goes awry and reminds them that the Titans aren’t the only dangers in their world.

As with the last OAD, this is a combined effort with Soldado Subs so make sure you go thank them and watch some of their other series too. We also have the Kuinaki/No Regrets OADs in the works so look forward to them being released at some point – I’ll try not to stall those for six months like I did this one. <.<


E_B Comment: This is a batch release with 1-2 having new and improved encodes, OAD 1 is HD 720p. Derp, dialogue font missing in OVA 1: Here | Patch: Here

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