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  1. @kalaacom -> This is a CT page, kindly refrain from asking about any Non-related CT stuff, its kinda disrespecting. Please be more mature from next time guys, the ppl here at Saizen take their work pretty seriously. Thanks, happy holidays.

  2. Really apologize if any one has been hurt from this request. I did not mean any disrespect.
    Everything there I want the covers in order to do the volumes of the anime, because the covers that with the dvds does not work, that’s all. I will put a link to something I made from the cover of dvds of one your anime: Link


    I apologize once again, thank you for your hard work. Happy New Year to all.

  3. Ask again when we’ve released the first BD ep, kalaacom, and be a bit more specific about what you want.

    I don’t promise anything, though, as I don’t have a scanner at home and doing it at work is a bother 😛

  4. I can’t seem to find Captain Tsubasa episodes with English Audio. The few that I’ve downloaded are English subtitled with Japanese audio. I grew up in Asia watching this and loved it, and want to introduce this to my 6 year old who unfortunately can’t read the subtitles yet. Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for your work here!

  5. Captain Tsubasa has never had English audio as it hasn’t been licensed and therefore never dubbed. Subtitles are the best you’re going to get, I’m afraid.

  6. FalseDawn, given the USA’s near total hostility to the Beautiful Game up until recently, it’s not at all surprising that Captain Tsubasa, an anime about “soccer,” would not be licensed here.

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