Kuroko’s Basketball 16 [Blu-Ray][1080p] and [720p]

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Summer Special #8!

Hey, everyone!  You didn’t think Team Kuroko was going to miss out on our Summer Special, did you?  Anyway, here’s ep 16 for everyone out there.  The game versus Touou takes full flight in this one as Seirin attempts to stomp on Touou before Aomine shows up.  Will they be successful?  When will Aomine show up?  Grab it quick and find out!

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Beast Saga – 17

beast saga 17

Summer Special #7!

Joe’s not the only wild animal we’re throwing at you in this summer releasing spree madness!

Here’s one who made this particular script unbearable to edit because of all the puns he decided to throw in to every line. It’s a real bugbear of mine when I have to rack my brains, thinking up witty banter, all because every damn beast in the show decides they can’t go two minutes without saying their own name or telling everyone what kind of beast they are. Personally, I think they’re a marmalade sandwich or two short of a pic-a-nic basket >:

And it’s not just this grizzly character who’s a pain in the neck this episode! Morcrab scuttles back onto our screens too, which as you probably guessed, left me feeling rather… crabby while editing *flips tables*

Anyway, moving on 😀

Go visit our best chums over at Ruri to thank them for their part in bringing you some more Beast Mixed-Martial Arts, and look out for some more episodes winging their way to you in the near future as Saizen’s Spectacular Summer Special continues!

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Ashita no Joe – 75

Summer Special #6!


Carlos gets ready for his second match-up on the Japanese boxing scene! Are you ready for more Joe?! 🙂

On another note, more free releases keep being provided to you guys by us, and has been for almost ten years! We use our own free time that could otherwise be used for pretty much anything! Like relaxing and watching anime without anyone complaining about how many eps we’ve worked on watched lately. ^^ What’s your excuse? 😉 Please don’t be the Exalted 3E team and do something for your fellow human beings, you too. =) Please post any good deeds you’ve done lately. ^^

PS. Still haven’t been able to forget about the most delusional moron in ages on our site, comparing us to a streaming company with investors and monthly subscribers. xD

Don’t forget to visit Hokuto no Gun.

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