Saizen Speedsubs in limbo

Hey there. The fans didn’t come when we asked for help, so here we’re now, with two very busy quality checkers. We normally had a rule to not take more than two days on a task, but lately it’s been broken over and over. Right now, one of the quality checkers hasn’t managed to QC the episode even after four days. In addition to this, I’ve got a baby who often cries when i want to sleep, plus I got the first floor of my house to work at. Needless to say, unless we get two or three new quality checkers, this will be a slow project again.


P.S We can’t either release as “Saizen” since we don’t have enough quality checkers to maintain the usual Saizen quality, leaving releases of the project in complete limbo. I’ve faith that episodes will be translated, timed and edited, but other than that, I can’t say what will happen.


P.P.S I want to stress that Saizen Speedsubs’ Captain Tsubasa project is the only project you will get updates like this for, so do not ask about other projects.



Ashita no Joe – 52-64 Batch (incl v2’s)

We’re finally back with more Joe, and now we only have one arc left. We’re trying to get back in gear on this btw.
I’ve gotten myself a huge backlog, but I’m trying to shrink it bit by bit. #reallifeissues
So please don’t lose hope in us, and no whining about Ippo being more prioritized than Joe, please, cause you have no idea wtf you’re talking about. ^_^

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