Ashita no Joe – 52-64 Batch (incl v2’s)

We’re finally back with more Joe, and now we only have one arc left. We’re trying to get back in gear on this btw.
I’ve gotten myself a huge backlog, but I’m trying to shrink it bit by bit. #reallifeissues
So please don’t lose hope in us, and no whining about Ippo being more prioritized than Joe, please, cause you have no idea wtf you’re talking about. ^_^

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  1. Ippo is also being subbed by HorribleSubs as well as Saizen. HS may have lower quality releases (btw, *my* only complaint about HS is that they skip intro/ending songs) than Saizen-sama, but they work fast. That’s why I do find it strange that Ippo gets prioritized over Joe – I don’t really see a point in replicating the efforts of someone else. I like Saizen precisely because they take on projects that nobody else is doing, like Joe.

  2. @A-style : HS are like their name, trust me friend, I watched their releases and also Saizen. And I can assure you that if you are a little patient, FroZen’s work is the best out there for Ippo. For instance, the title of this episode is Onna no tatakai, HS translated litterally to Women’s battle. But FroZen, thanks to its good TLs and QCs, they named it “Catfight”. Also FroZen have a best typesetting for signs, good fonts… HS are doing a literal translation.

  3. @Drugster: HS also releases in 3 different resolutions, unlike Saizen. I actually prefer the 480p releases, they can play on my phone as well as the laptop, and they download faster. I’d like to bring in a quote from If you don’t release, someone else will do it for you.

  4. And then it’s the fact that everyone seem to forget, that we might want to work on Ippo, might enjoy working on Ippo, since you know… we’re people, anime fans, and not your employees. ^^

    “That’s why I do find it strange that Ippo gets prioritized over Joe” – Didn’t I just tell you not to make retarded things up? And even if that was the case, it’s up to us to decide what we wanna do with our own free time.

  5. “I don’t really see a point in replicating the efforts of someone else.”
    Lol most out-of-this-world comment ever ;p

  6. So HorribleSubs is all of a sudden suppose to be a good group now? They’ve always sacrificed quality for speed. They never release v2 fixes and their subs always manage to suck. Even for shows like this that manage to get something better than 360p HS releases, they just aren’t worth it other than the most impatient of fans.

    And really toss this “prioritizing over AnJ” stuff, A-Style. I’m a big AnJ fan too, but Saizen has ALWAYS taken its time with AnJ. Why is the new Ippo series suddenly this big threat over the AnJ releases. AnJ was never top priority for this group and it’s a miracle we managed to get 64 episodes of the first series at all. They’re not going to drop Ippo and complaining about release schedules isn’t going to change anything. We should all be thankful S-F taking time out of their lives to deliver such good fanssubs and sticking to it so long.

  7. I find it funny that people are considering HorribleSubs to be a “Fansub” group. They don’t sub anything themselves. All they are doing is ripping the subs directly from CrunchyRoll and the NA distributor sites as soon as they are released on there. Then they fix it up just a tiny bit to throw in their styles and have the fonts and sign text match up with the different resolutions to release it on a torrent.

    Groups like Saizen are actually doing all the work themselves from the ground up. Not to mention their quality and typesetting are far superior due to the fact that they put way more effort into producing something that their fans and randoms will enjoy.

    Saizen and Frostii are true “Fansubs”. Everything is done from the ground up for free by fans in their own free time. If any show is getting prioritized over any other, that is their own perogative and we have real right to complain about it. Hell, I love both shows that were mentioned here. If you don’t like it, stop complaining and go somewhere else.

    Trolls and bitches will be trolls and bitches.

  8. have no real right to complain*

    PS. Thanks a lot for the dose of Joe. If I had more free time, I’d help anywhere I could.

  9. You poor guys at Saizen, seems like ya’ll just go in circles because every time you release AnJ or HnI now some ingrate has to whine about it as if their is something negative going on here. As Juggen said, did they even stop to consider that you are people and anime fans and might actually enjoy subbing HnI? The people have been following your group long enough have no doubts that AnJ be finished and even the sequel. Maybe it’s even the highest priority in that sense, doesn’t mean you have to rush and release it fast at the expense of everything else…

    Not only that, HnI is a good anime in its own regard and it’s a heck of a lot better to be able to watch it with Saizen subs rather than CR which has gotten better but still has big flaws.

  10. Why are these two shows compared? As I said before, the only thing they have in common is boxing. I don’t feel like repeating myself again.

    Thanks Saizen. Tomorrow will never die!

  11. Also god forbid you ever do two shows in the same genre. I could only imagine what would happen, say, if you were subbing two mech/super robot shows.

    Also from now on I’ll use a nickname instead of Anonymous, as per request by sangofe.

  12. As much as I appreciate your comment, Joe H, don’t feed the trolls the wrong info about what’s prioritized more. Unless “not top priority” means not a bunch of people are willing to work on old shows like this. ^^

    The team on Ippo decided to get the job done fast, while not all people on Joe has the interest or possibility to work that fast. But no matter how much emphasis I put on this, I always seem to meet deaf ears. ^^;

    Also, CR/HS aren’t that bad, they have actually gotten better, but I hope we provide that little extra to the show that you guys like. πŸ™‚

  13. “The team on Ippo decided to get the job done fast, while not all people on Joe has the interest or possibility to work that fast.”

    What do you mean by this? Is this the whole quality checker issue again. I guess I should apply to help or something. The IRC is always dead whenever I go there.

  14. It’s not, just people who generally are busy and don’t have time to fansub as often. About IRC, people aren’t always in front of their screens, but tbh… not much discussion is going on in there, we mostly talk in the staff-channel. ^^

  15. Yes please, please apply as quality checker, sorcerian.

    AnJ had more an editing problem than quality check, although it had some slow periods for the quality checking side as well.

  16. Great, welcome back Joe πŸ™‚
    I’m not telling that I was hoping hope and faith in you, but I was somehow worried that he could have been left aside for the time of Ippo being also here.
    Both of them are for sure great, but I must admit that I have some tenderness for the old guy Joe.

    Thanks so much again.

  17. Joe H. said: “AnJ was never top priority for this group and it’s a miracle we managed to get 64 episodes of the first series at all”

    dude AnJ was always, since the founding of this subbing group, been Saizen’s baby. Why else do you think they didn’t drop it after the uncountable hardships the project had over the many years. i dont know when the group was founded but it should be close to 10 years! I can’t stress this enough: they literally fought through it and did not give up on AnJ for about 10 years. How dare anyone say AnJ is not important for this group? Barly any of the founding staff are even still subbing anime but the group is still trying hard to organize and sub this show. This Project has probably met every possible problem imaginalbe in the fansubbing world but its still alive.
    Now after saying the same thing a couple of times in this post i hope at least one more person on the web gets it.

  18. That’s not exactly true. AnJ had just started being subbed when I joined Saizen, so I guess that was around 2007/2008, and Saizen had been around years before that. But yeah, we’ve spent a helluva long time with it as an active project to just go and drop it like a hot potato now!

    As far as I’m aware, only me and sangofe are still around from when that first episode was released – even Juggen joined afterwards, I think. Everyone else in the group at that time has retired or never been heard from again.

    Here endeth the history lesson.

  19. Your information is wrong, sorry. Ask Sangofe he is the last founder around. When you joined the project was revived, not started. Scab also was part of the team way before you joined. The main founder started Saizen in order to sub Slam Dunk and AnJ, which doesnt mean they started with those 2 projects (i dont if they did but most likly tried), but it means AnJ was Saizens baby from the very start.

  20. Eh, Saizen was founded 2004, while Joe was started 2007, and Slam Dunk 2008. ser2703, a former AHQ member, founded the group, and the most ancient members include sangofe and Scab, which later became the leader of the group, and still was in early 2008 when I first joined, but who is now also gone from the fansub scene.

    But yeah, some people really want to see Joe finished, and that is why it’s still ongoing and wasn’t dropped several times when members disappeared and/or gave up fansubbing. I’ve never thought of any show being prioritized more than the other, the difference is simply (or mostly) motivation of the staff working on the show, and how easy it is to find (new) people who are interested in helping out. And of course some people like to fansub more than others. So if we’ve prioritize anything, it’s our real lives.

    Thanks for tuning in on Saizen Live Radio and have a nice day! ^^

  21. My information is wrong? Interesting. The only person who would know what the founder was thinking would be the founder himself – and it seems strange that Slam Dunk and AnJ would be the reason to start Saizen when they were started 3 years after the founding of the group…

    And yeah, I didn’t count Scab because he keeps telling us he’s retired, but we’re still thinking up ways to talk him out of it πŸ˜‰

  22. Ashita no Joe always was the anime ser wanted to sub the most, after having decent subs for Slam dunk. However, he realized that it wouldn’t be a show that would draw in recruits, so we started the Hungry Heart Wild Striker and Ring ni Kakero project. RnK was a huge failure, but when we picked up Eyeshield 21 — only the draw in recruits– things picked up for real. So yes, Ashita no Joe and Slam Dunk were ser’s personal reasons for starting saizen πŸ˜‰

    By the way, I think the first episode of Ashita no Joe got translated close to the beginning of when Saizen started. It just took a lot of effort…

  23. So u telling us, that agsd knows more of the history of Saizen than both me and FalseDawn who have both been with Saizen for six years and counting? What corner should I hide in? ^^;

  24. Great episode. I was rooting for Joe to come out in the end but Joe is still being haunted by his past :/
    Looking forward for this next and final arc. I’ve been following this show since 2011 when I was in high school. Crazy how I’m still obsessed with this show (also crazy how I’m finally making a comment!)
    Looking forward for the next episode, keep up the good work guys!

  25. Thanks for the batch and episode!

    Since Saizen’s history was brought up earlier, what was your first project?

  26. Wild Striker was the first project that was released, and apparently so to attract some fans that could help with Joe and Slam Dunk. Apparently it wasn’t very successful in doing what it was supposed to, but Eyeshield 21 was. ^^

  27. What the hell did joe die for… i mean i know Yohko said that he should die in the ring for rikiishi and Wofl’s sake in the first half but why did u guys really have to kill him .. that story could have contuined what did u get lazy and didn’t want to continue it anymore?

  28. We felt there were a lot of holes in the original ending, and felt that we made everyone a favor by having Joe suddenly die with eigth episodes left.

  29. We humbly ask for your forgiveness, loyal fan. We have seen the error of our ways, and we will attempt to atone in any future episodes that we create – you’ll be glad to know that the script I’m writing for the next episode is a corker and sees Joe magically revived from the dead by Superman. Juggen’s going to really enjoy animating that scene, for sure. So please, continue your patronage with us and you will see your faith in us rewarded πŸ™‚

  30. Actually he’s on the move again and his understudy is busy doing Yohko… So yeah, go figure… In the meantime the auditions are open and we’re searching for a replacement… You can try and join here and see what happens…

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