13 thoughts to “Hajime no Ippo: Rising – 04”

  1. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. Not to mention, two completely different time periods (Post WWII 1960s Japan vs the 1990s era of boxing).

    Ippo is more comedy while Joe is more feels.

  2. Or rather, manly tears, I should say. I’d compare AnJ more to something like Kaiji personally.

    Just because two shows both have boxing in them doesn’t mean much. It’s like saying Gundam = Dougram

  3. Yeah I think Ippo can be pretty cool at times, Takamura vs Hawk for example, damn! But it’ also a ton of fun. ^^ Joe is a lot darker and the story is way better. By no means must you like both simply cause of boxing.

  4. Exactly. So I like both.

    It’s a great thing that boxing is even a genre. It’s great how diverse manga/anime subject matter can be, even for two series about the same sport.

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