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Who says young Nekota can’t be moe?

Also, quick turnaround this time for some stupid reason

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Sorry for the major delay!
Sad times for Japan in this episode; even the sunflowers are depressed. We hope you’ll still enjoy this tale of coach Kamogawa and Nekota’s early days as much as we did!

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Three guesses as to who this dude is.

Still looking for quality checkers and other staff who would like to contribute.

And we also have a special announcement below the fold:



Welp, looks like somebody lost this game that took only thirty freaking episodes to complete.

Also, too, we still need quality checkers and other staff who would like to contribute.

Hopefully I’m not spoiling anything, but what is it with goalies doing these kinds of plays?

Okay. You people have literally forced my hand on this:

Kohon, kohon.

N-Now don’t get the wrong idea.

I-It’s not that we l-like you or anything.

But if you do happen to want to become a quality checker, or if you are a reasonably good typesetter, and maaaaaybe a competent timer, we’re more than willing to think about letting you join our team—I guess.

Awah-Awah, th-th-th-these subs don’t grow on trees you know! A-A-And we definitely don’t want to spend all day chatting with you, getting to know you… maybe getting even closer… Th-Th-That last part didn’t count!

Awwwngh mou! We need you to help us sub Tsubasa! Don’t make me say it out loud!
Baka. >///<

Wakabayashi-kun is such a genius that I’ll bet he can figure out Fermat’s Last Theorem all in his head.

Why don’t you all use your noodles too and help us in this daunting enterprise by lending your expertise as typesetters, quality checkers, or timers? Don’t make us act all moe and weepy on you.