Captain Tsubasa – 53

Hopefully I’m not spoiling anything, but what is it with goalies doing these kinds of plays?

Okay. You people have literally forced my hand on this:

Kohon, kohon.

N-Now don’t get the wrong idea.

I-It’s not that we l-like you or anything.

But if you do happen to want to become a quality checker, or if you are a reasonably good typesetter, and maaaaaybe a competent timer, we’re more than willing to think about letting you join our team—I guess.

Awah-Awah, th-th-th-these subs don’t grow on trees you know! A-A-And we definitely don’t want to spend all day chatting with you, getting to know you… maybe getting even closer… Th-Th-That last part didn’t count!

Awwwngh mou! We need you to help us sub Tsubasa! Don’t make me say it out loud!
Baka. >///<

11 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa – 53”

  1. It’s exciting in real life when goalkeepers take part in offensive play. It shows how desperate their teams are. Sadly, it’s rare for them to score or assist, but it provides one more player for the defense to worry about.

  2. You know, maybe people aren’t really interested in this series? You can’t force people to take interest in something they are indifferent or don’t care about. You’ve been pleading for people to help work on this for months now.

    If it were another series people had an interest in, you’d probably see more people participating. I’m pretty sure there’s other series people would love to help work on.

  3. Perseverance always pays off capt. obvious. Please don’t leave negativity for this project. We won’t give up!

  4. capt obvious, Do you have a point to your comment? There’s no reason to say something negative without a point. Saizen can ask for help all they want, even if they only get 1 person to help because of their recruitment post it’s still worth it. And many people are enjoying Captain Tsubasa right now. Right now your name might as well be ‘captain of negativity and demoralization’.

  5. @Captain Obvious

    You know, I WOULD get involved. But I don’t know the first thing about subbing except a vague understanding of using Subtitle Edit. I can’t speak Japanese and therefore couldn’t help in translation. I don’t know much about maintaining video quality or remastering them.

    I think many of us who watch fansubbed anime online are not as fluent in any of the steps in the subbing process. Just because they need more help doesn’t mean no one is interested in the show.

  6. Sendo: apply for being a quality checker or editor. The quality checker needs to have an eye for details, and editor be very good at English 🙂

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