7 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa – 54”

  1. I thank Sage subs for Gundam AGE every chance I get. And Saizen has become another one I have to keep an eye on to keep thanking. Thank you so much!

  2. If only I knew what a quality checker does, maybe I would volunteer…
    The thing is I don’t know Japanese and English is not my native language, so my grammar checking may fail at times. Apart from that I’m a perfectionist.
    Does it make sense for me to apply?

  3. A quality checker checks that the subs, video and audio are polished; that the translation feels okay (some are able to do this, others not, if not, that’s okay), that the timing is spot on (some are better than others), that editing feels good (some have more talent at this), and that there are no ugly typesetting.

    We each have our strength and weaknesses while qc’ing; people that are very good at everything are rare. The test, is however, heavily weighted at the editing part and consistency part. So if you know your english and have an eye for details, apply!

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