Taisho – 07v2-08 (BD)


Not a whole lot faster, but now we at least have a trustworthy editor on this project after three of them bailed…

As promised, we release a v2 of episode 7 due to some filter-issues on the previous encode, as well as a completely unnecessary note in pdf-format. ^^
We’re looking to release a v2 of episode 6 too due to some editing inconsistencies, but that might take a while as many are in the form of hardcoded signs. Nothing you’re not used to at this point though…

And yes, we’re doing Hajime no Ippo S3 one way or another, and probably the Ano Hana movie whenever it is out on BD too. ^^

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Taisho_Baseball_Girls_07v2_[720p][Blu-Ray]
MD5: D7E8ECD57F8F2FE3B07672B9F1292A42

Rules – New Page


Due to the recent increase in “stupid” questions and lack of rules, with the help of a well written rant by ANBU, we present to you our newest page called Rules.
Now we have no reason to hold back when you ask us questions about when and/or why your favorite show isn’t out yet etc.
And apologies to those who got our sometimes harsh treatment with negative remarks. ^^

Thanks for supporting Saizen, and may you never annoy us again! 🙂

Ashita no Joe – 60

Quite a lot of releases lately, but less of Ashita no Joe. I’d like to go into detail, but let’s just blame all the people whining about when the next episode is gonna get released instead. That’s also why we’ve decided to drop Ashita no Joe. But, since a few more episodes have been translated, we’ve decided to release till episode 79 before we drop the show for real. No hard feelings, right? 😉

Don’t forget to visit Hokuto no Gun.

CCCP icon[Saizen-HnG]_Ashita_no_Joe_-_60_[DVD][88B5F250].mkv
MD5: 16729A4CA6EB4F553D4732456BF077B8