52 thoughts to “Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! – 05”

  1. Well it seems you guys are enjoying realeasin these 😀
    Thanks a lot both of the teams !!! You guys are awesome and bring awesomeness to us 🙂

  2. I recommend reading the manga.
    Yeah, it’s kind of long and thus gets repetitive, but the humor is great.
    If you enjoy the OVAs, you WILL enjoy the manga.

    Oh and btw:
    Saizen > rest.

    Thanks for the release.

  3. Wow Saizen you guys are amazing! You guys need to sub the young GTO shonan junai gumi live action. Very similar to this show

  4. We want to do the anime series. But we don’t have any kind of usable source for Young GTO. If you do, please do tell. Any kind of source is welcome, be it DVD,VHS, LD… ^^

  5. juggen, the anime was subbed by some groups but the subs were hardcoded. Anyway, I found the raws of youtube for the 5 episodes.


    As well as the live action:

    Search for “Young GTO! Shounan Junai Gumi[01][1995][JAP][live-action]” it was uploaded by user “Shram1992” and has 5 live action episodes.

    I hope you consider subbing this great series. Cheers

  6. Yeah they are because I couldn’t find any other raws. The only thing I could think off are to use the audio from hi10 or PDSG-Sentosha/HaRDy rips which are the same

  7. Young GTO is already subbed tough,
    i would give priority to Kyou Kara Ore wa instead
    cause no else will ever sub this other than Saizen 🙂

  8. 1. Totally agree there and never meant other way
    (it was only a sugestion ~_~)
    2. yeah altough from VHS, wasn’t that much bad i think
    (been some years since i last watched).

  9. I think DVD’s never were released for Young GTO,
    (sure is a surprise since GTO was such an amazing series)
    only raws VHS seems to exist.

  10. sry for the late reply i have them in iso format and ive been trying to open them but deamon tool says they are currpt now i downloaded then in a torrent long time ago

  11. What’s wrong with asking for progress updates on a project you enjoy? Nobody is calling you out for being slow, rather only asking simple questions and you react like we’ve just insulted your mother. A simple “soon” or “not for a while” would have sufficed.

  12. The last 3 OVA has been subbed 2 week 1 OVA, as anon says I just wanted atleast to hear “soon” “or not for a while” why get so angry on me 🙁

  13. I thought my answer was simple :S

    In short, it’ll be out when it’s done. That might be soon. That might be a while. Depends whether I pull my finger out or not. The jury’s out on that one at the moment.

  14. Anon. Because:

    Don’t ask about progress on project xy; we’re not some licensing company who holds back distribution of episodes for increased profit margins — we’ll get the eps out to you as soon as they are DONE.
    Stop asking if projects are dropped; we will announce if we’re no longer working on a project.
    If you don’t like the speed or the effort we’re putting into our fansubs, then just don’t download them.
    Stay on-topic when you are posting.
    Don’t be a jerk.
    I mainly want to point out the fact that we don’t stall projects on purpose, real life happens — we don’t live to serve you, and we sure as hell don’t sub for your enjoyment, so deal with it.

    We at Saizen sub for personal enjoyment. We don’t sub to serve the greater purpose that is the fansubbing community, nor do we sub for personal gain, such as Internet fame or the fabled “e-penis.” Accordingly, we fansub at a pace and in a way that we find to be enjoyable and not too taxing our every day lives/lifestyle, hence the many delays and inconsistent release speeds.

    Whereas we are perfectly aware that our speed may not be up to par of those other groups who seem to be able to constantly maintain a weekly 5-10hr release, and although we would like to attain such speeds to get all the naysayers off our backs, doing so requires that we abandon our 9-5 jobs and sit in front of the computer for extended periods of the day in order to do so, something we obviously would never do. Also bear in mind that these other groups most of the time rip their subs from shows simulcasted by Crunchyroll and the likes.

    Which brings me to my second albeit related point: what we sub and when we sub is our own choice, and if you don’t like it, no one is holding a gun to your head and making you download our releases. If you are going to suggest a series that we could potentially sub, at least be able to provide either translations or raws. We don’t have an infinite amount of staff, and chances are we already have projects of our own which we plan to sub.

    Whether we decide to sub project x ahead of project y should really be none of your concern, and since our staff in most part don’t work on all projects across the board, us subbing one project does not necessarily negate progress on another or mean that we’re not working on another project.

    Thanks for understanding!


  15. Mindex475: Maybe since we don’t really know when the next episode will be out? If you and anon had bothered to read the rules, you would both know that there is no reason to ask such a question.

    anon/Mindex475: Can you imagine if everyone who downloads our releases, would ask when the next episode will be out… every day? Should we reply to all of them?

  16. I read the rules and it was all nonsense to protect yourself from criticism. If you don’t know when the next release is coming out, then the answer is clearly “not for a while”. All you have to do is answer with those 4 simple words and no one would have to ask again. Yet you feel the desire to assert your shaky authority with your passive aggressive responses to humble and polite questions.

    And you yet again show your insecurity by getting offended at some non-existent criticism intended by nobody. As I said, absolutely no one in this thread is criticizing you for being slow or even complaining about what you release on what schedule. Realize that the people who download your releases aren’t your enemies. We enjoy the product and are respectfully eager to receive it. If you don’t like subbing then don’t do it, but realize that these releases aren’t just yours anymore. When you sub something, other groups may make the decision that they don’t need to sub it, so whether you like it or not, you have the responsibility to at least be equally respectful when other people asking respectful questions.

  17. We have no reason to answer stupid questions, though. We’re not getting paid to do this. It’s very disrespectful to ask when new episodes will be out FYI, I dunno why you think it’s our responsibility to answer your every single question, considering we don’t owe u anything.

    You can drop by and say thanks if you want to, that’s really all we want in return for providing you guys with free subs, showing us that you appreciate our efforts. In case you don’t, you can at least kindly wait for the next episode without bothering us with these pointless questions, week in, week out.

    End of rant. ^^

  18. @anon: You’re using very eminent language to prove your point. In my experience, when people are using this kind of language, they want to show how grand they’re, when in reality they’re just sad little pricks, who got upset due to the fact that the things didn’t go as they wanted.

    What makes you think that you have some right to demand when and how the things are done? Try to remember this simple answer: the episodes are released when they’re done, not sooner, not later, but exactly then.

    If you’re dissatisfied with how the people put their own free time and money to sub anime so everyone can watch it for free, then perhaps, you should watch only that anime that you’ve purchased yourself. Then, you’ll be in your full right to make any demands you desire; even ask when the next DVD or BD will be out from the company releasing it.

  19. why? why? why must it be so hard and so to find raws for this anime? ive looked through hundreds of site with with same italian subbed garbage.

  20. Great work subbing a very good but neglected series. Good quality of video and subs too.

    Looking forward to future episodes!

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