18 thoughts to “Beast Saga – 05-06”

  1. This series is awesome!
    @sangofe What’s your avatar of btw? I looks like a scribble from a 4 year old! Did you draw it?

  2. Sorry your avatar is so blurry! No need to get all upset! Your brother has quite some talent but I couldn’t see it ’cause the res is wrong for your avatar! Maybe you could use a picture of a horse as your avatar instead πŸ™‚

  3. Hey sangofe sorry if I offended you. But really I don’t get why you’re being so mean. Why’d you delete my comment! I appreciate all you do but you’ve really changed! I think you take things the wrong way, I didn’t mean anything bad in my comment. Heck I even praised your brother!

  4. I never deleted your comment. Someone else did πŸ™‚ “You’ve changed”, have I chat with you before? Your first comment wasn’t really praising… it was quite negative. You didn’t offend me, but you offended my brother I felt, which I don’t take lightly at all, since he’s the person I respect and love the most on this earth.

  5. Your avatar needs to be scaled down. It’s blurry at that size, I couldn’t tell what it was. In my deleted comment I said your brother is quite talented! I’ve been following Saizen for quite sometime now. You used to be friendlier back then, Saizen was different… Btw Kuroko Season 2’s trailer was released and it would be awesome if you subbed it, but I guess the good old days when Saizen subbed new sports anime are gone… Still like what you sub though πŸ™‚

  6. I seemed friendlier through posts or through the site? These days I get frustrated with people on the site a lot. Kuroko season 2, eh? Sounds interesting. PS, if you see me on irc and I have some time, I wouldn’t mind chatting. So pm me if you see me there.

  7. Wait, what post was deleted? As far as I can tell, the humourous burn is still there (hint: it’s above my first post) and I didn’t see any after that.

    EDIT: I found the one you’re talking about and restored it to its rightful place πŸ˜€

    SECONDARY EDIT: I agree with Gafe though – the actual res of the pic is good, but the downsized version is too blurry to make anything out. I think your only option is to have a Sangofe the Horse avatar :D:D:D

  8. @juggen Lol. I’m not a troll! I’m just a viewer with a sense of humor. Don’t confuse humor with trolling. I just pointed out that our beloved sangofe’s avatar isn’t clear at that size and just made a humorous suggestion. Sorry if it came of the wrong way. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one wondering what it was. As you stated it looked like something from DBZ, but as I know all characters from DBZ, I thought it was just very badly drawn. Now that I know it’s something his brother made, I find it quite artistic and unique.
    @sangofe Btw that more recent one is quite intimidating, are you like that?

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