Captain Tsubasa – 34

Mucho thanks to FalseDawn for editing this episode, and for the quality checkers to wake up. Now I hope someone really good and fast applies so we can continue releasing fast with high quality ^^
What’s the episode about? It’s about the love between two young boys — erhm, it’s about their ultimate showdown. Or something like that.

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Captain_Tsubasa_-_34_[DVD][9A8561F0].mkv
MD5: DA2E849C67D921186E8C030A8798696F

35 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa – 34”

  1. Where do you get the raw video? I need it, I want to re-translate Frencheis Fansub’s sub to indonesian, but the video is hardsub, so I need the raw video, can you tell me where do you get the raw video, please ?

  2. We have no hardsubbing whatsoever at this. Karaokes are soft, logo is soft, typesetting is soft…

  3. @lqbal: go to Team_Ohzora channel for the subs (, or ADC to find raws and subs.

  4. Ok, never mind, i’ve just talked to Hiei- about it. He still got all his english subs (except 16).

  5. Yeah, I don’t have ep 16 subs anymore, don’t know why. I probably delete it one day per mistake or whatever.

    Here’s the subs :

    For the videos, yeah, you can probably find them on ADC, or a french team released rips of the french DVDs (softsubs), so you get the video there :

    Hope it can help you.

  6. @Johnny : On the whole episode? If it’s just on the title screen, you can always cut the opening/ending 😀

    But yeah, the best would be ADC if they have the ISOs.

  7. Iqbal : you’re in luck. I found old DVD’s with vobs that someone burnt me years ago with episodes 2-11. If you’re interested, I guess I could upload (although I’m not sure if the DVD’s even work).

  8. How.many episodes are there to this Tsubasa incarnation? Hint of when the next JoJo ep is being subbed? Even just 1 would be fine.

  9. I’ve uploaded vobs (dvd files) of episodes 2-7. If the person who wanted them doesn’t contact me at, I’ll stop uploading. Please contact me as soon as possible, Iqbal.

  10. @sangofe Was fooling around with you. I was just referencing that you are subbing a show with those words in. Take out the second Jo and add an e and what do ya get?

  11. Regarding Ashita no Joe, we have no idea when new episodes are gonna be ready. People on that project are mostly busy with real life.

  12. I grabbed the torrent files from this episode onward and there are no seeders in any of them.Can you help me reseed please?

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