Captain Tsubasa Movie 4: World Battle – The Junior World Cup


Hello all you soccer fans. In this fourth movie based off a famous soccer manga (we skipped the third movie since it was mostly a useless clipshow), you get to see not one soccer game, not two soccer games, but three soccer games – count ’em THREE soccer games. Which soccer team will prevail and win the Junior World Cup in soccer? Of course, just as with any of our releases related to soccer, you’ll have to download and watch this animated soccer drama to find out.

22 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa Movie 4: World Battle – The Junior World Cup”

  1. @sangofe

    OUR football has helmets, yardlines, and goalposts. Calling soccer “football” will just confuse us :p

  2. You know, there’s no such thing as American soccer, because soccer is America’s term for football.

  3. I chose to put “soccer” in the subs when the americans played, and football in every other case.

  4. Considering that 1 game in the series takes over 20 episodes to play, I hope it won’t take me more than a day to watch this movie ?

    Haha Captain Tsubasa humour ? any other Tsubasa fanatics out there?

  5. I wish you could have subbed the 3rd movie. It’s a treat to see All Japan vs All Japan with Tsubasa teaming up with Wakashimazu vs Hyuga teaming up with Wakabayashi.
    Also The Holland movie is the best of all

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