Igano Kabamaru – 15

The Pose-Like-A-Ninja-Buddha-Statue World Championships has entered its final day after a thrilling two weeks of competition and our hero, Igano, has made it through to the semi-finals with a wondrous display of patience and athleticism. He’s wowed the crowd with his special techniques (“Poking Out From Behind A Tree,” etc.) and he now faces his toughest opponent yet. But who is this mysterious contender? Find out in another gruelling instalment of Igano Kabamaru, Saizen’s number one ninja comedy.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: We are still looking for extra Quality Checkers for this series, so if you enjoy the zany antics of Kabamaru and crew, and you know your comma splices from your conjunctions, drop us a line on rizon in #saizen. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Igano_Kabamaru_-_15_[6BC1402D].mkv
MD5: 026338F99DB770F9F1A9786599C46427

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  1. In case you have problems with the release, please tell us about it. We edited one of the fonts similar to the one in Moshidora which caused BSODs. Hopefully that won’t happen, though.

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