Moshidora 01 & 02

Management is embarrassing stuff
We’re a tad late to the game, but here’re the first two episodes of Moshidora, or “If a High School Baseball Team’s Manageress had Read Drucker’s Management“, if you so prefer:

Minami Kawashima becomes the new manager of Tokyo’s Hodokubo High School baseball team to help her best friend, Yuuki Miyata. Yuuki is the current manager, but due to her weak health, she ends up in a hospital and might undergo a surgery. While searching for a book to assist her, Kawashima accidentally buys “Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices”. Written by Peter Drucker, one of the most important authors on the subject of business management, the book unorthodoxly guides Minami on how to administer the team.

If the tag didn’t already give it away, we’re doing this together with Frostii.


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Ookiku Furikabutte S2 – 12.5 & Batch


I bet most of you had forgotten about this by now, but better late than never. ^^
We also made a v2 of ep12, since the preview changed in the BD. We also did some additional QC and TLC etc.
Thanks for supporting Saizen!

PS. Episode 12.5 is about as fun as the picture suggests, or…?
PPS. We need another QC for AnJ and an editor for PoT OVA4 and CT2002. Please apply at

Ashita no Joe – 19


So like, this show’s been stalled for aeons. You might ask, “Why the hell did you do that for?” Well, not much to say, Calan quit subbing so we had no editor… again (editors that actually knows English and are just a tiny bit active seems to be a rarity).

After months of wait, U238Willy finally stepped in, and as he finally caught up with our releases he had more urgent business in real life to attend to. So there we were… again… without an editor. The next white knight in shining armor was Dasbouef, and he actually managed to edit two episodes, this being one of them. After that something not so extraordinary around Saizen happened, and I’m not even gonna tell you cause I believe you should all know that by now…

Anyway, this happened right in the middle of discussing a joint with Hokuto no Gun (HnG), luckily we had a recruit, Henchum, taking the editing test by the time, that actually passed, believe it or not.

We also lost a lot of translators along the way, but managed to get till ep24 translated, at least. We have high hopes for this joint and Henchum; this might be what AnJ needed to get back on its feet. At least there’s a full team and active staff around right now, so I guess we should hurry and get as many episodes out now as possible, since if there’s one thing I’ve learned, working on AnJ, it’s that it doesn’t last. lol

So here I’m hoping for plenty more releases and a bright future for Ashita no Joe! ^^


Enjoy and beware of Joe’s Fists of Fury!

PS. We decided joint-tag will appear as soon as we deliver episodes with a jointed effort to you guys. ^^
PPS. Special thanks to Henchum for QC-applying and kokujin-kun for additional TLC.

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Igano Kabamaru – 08

And now to take a trip down Memory Lane. In this episode, Kabamaru recalls how his Gramps used to be a bodyguard for a famous actress. Here they are, shooting a scene to one of her most critically-acclaimed films Waterworld, when the actress in question started struggling with the rush of water. But don’t worry, our favorite old codger dived in and saved her. What a man! Oh wait, she’s dead? Bummer…

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