Ookiku Furikabutte S2 – 12.5 & Batch


I bet most of you had forgotten about this by now, but better late than never. ^^
We also made a v2 of ep12, since the preview changed in the BD. We also did some additional QC and TLC etc.
Thanks for supporting Saizen!

PS. Episode 12.5 is about as fun as the picture suggests, or…?
PPS. We need another QC for AnJ and an editor for PoT OVA4 and CT2002. Please apply at saizen.recruits@gmail.com.

20 thoughts to “Ookiku Furikabutte S2 – 12.5 & Batch”

  1. wait i dont understand, why isnt 12.5 completely translated, b/c when i converted the MKV, only the song was subbed, can you help me out please thanks!

  2. late reply xD..
    Thanks! Finished downloading the day after I posted..
    Now hoping that they, or some other studio, will pick this series up again. It’s just not right to leave it to the part they *spoiler>> loses…

  3. Unfortunately, I think it will go on too long and there won’t be enough interest in animating the rest as I think it wasn’t too popular, although I think it’s great. Too bad the manga isn’t scanlated either.

  4. sad but true well anyways it was just wishful thiking πŸ™
    and yeah I also didn’t bother reading the manga since no active groups were scanlating it…

  5. Hello, I have been DLing the torrent since 24 hours and it was being seeded albeit very slowly .. I got ~60 KBPS of speed for a while but today seeding altogether stopped πŸ™
    Hope you can reseed this for a while.

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