Ashita no Joe – 19


So like, this show’s been stalled for aeons. You might ask, “Why the hell did you do that for?” Well, not much to say, Calan quit subbing so we had no editor… again (editors that actually knows English and are just a tiny bit active seems to be a rarity).

After months of wait, U238Willy finally stepped in, and as he finally caught up with our releases he had more urgent business in real life to attend to. So there we were… again… without an editor. The next white knight in shining armor was Dasbouef, and he actually managed to edit two episodes, this being one of them. After that something not so extraordinary around Saizen happened, and I’m not even gonna tell you cause I believe you should all know that by now…

Anyway, this happened right in the middle of discussing a joint with Hokuto no Gun (HnG), luckily we had a recruit, Henchum, taking the editing test by the time, that actually passed, believe it or not.

We also lost a lot of translators along the way, but managed to get till ep24 translated, at least. We have high hopes for this joint and Henchum; this might be what AnJ needed to get back on its feet. At least there’s a full team and active staff around right now, so I guess we should hurry and get as many episodes out now as possible, since if there’s one thing I’ve learned, working on AnJ, it’s that it doesn’t last. lol

So here I’m hoping for plenty more releases and a bright future for Ashita no Joe! ^^


Enjoy and beware of Joe’s Fists of Fury!

PS. We decided joint-tag will appear as soon as we deliver episodes with a jointed effort to you guys. ^^
PPS. Special thanks to Henchum for QC-applying and kokujin-kun for additional TLC.

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MD5: F032B1ED831ED75FA8E1F0291DFCC899

21 thoughts to “Ashita no Joe – 19”

  1. It’s great to hear about the joint with Hokuto brothers, I read that earlier one of these days at their blog, but I dunno what ‘s the other thing you’ve talked about. Anyway, good luck with Jow. I’ve been following it since the beginning and I’m still here thankfull that it wasn’t dropped.

    Drop a line if you want at the Old School Anime Club at MAL:

    Cheers Rob.

  2. That’s awesome πŸ™‚

    Thanks for both groups who work on this magnificent show πŸ™‚

    Best Regards πŸ™‚

  3. a zillion thanks .. plz this show and kabamaru is SUPER classic .. keep it up till you finish them .. god bless you from U.A.E , Dubai

  4. thanks so much! I was beginning to think i’d never find out what happened after 18 lol anywho much appreciated keep up the good work!

  5. Nobody said we will, it is just that the editor is not around ;); 20-27 are translated with 20 in qc, 21-24 at tlc (I think), and 25-27 at timing.

  6. OMG YES. Dude like, I had up to 9, just started watching 10-18 now and thought I would have to file this away forever, but there’s mooooar.

    Wait… 20-27 are in process? JOEGASM

  7. Hey juggen, I don’t know if you remember me but I applied for the editor position sometime last year and passed the test, but by that time, one of your old editors returned so you didn’t need me? If you ever need an editor, let me know.

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