Igano Kabamaru – 08

And now to take a trip down Memory Lane. In this episode, Kabamaru recalls how his Gramps used to be a bodyguard for a famous actress. Here they are, shooting a scene to one of her most critically-acclaimed films Waterworld, when the actress in question started struggling with the rush of water. But don’t worry, our favorite old codger dived in and saved her. What a man! Oh wait, she’s dead? Bummer…

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67 thoughts to “Igano Kabamaru – 08”

  1. Thank you all for your hard work. This anime is a legend in my opinion. Keep the hard work and always remember that all of your fans appreciate your work.

  2. Great Job Guys, can’t imagine the effort done to bring such awesome quality but please accept our gratitude.

  3. Ya sorry, I’m uber slow. As soon as Moshidora is done (not many eps left now), we’ll inject life into this again. Think of it as a mid-season hiatus.

  4. Ya, don’t worry. Now that FalseDawn’s warmed up, I’m sure there will be raining releases once Moshidora is over. πŸ˜›

  5. Its June, Yet Still Waiting for the next Release

    I don’t mind waiting if the project is still ongoing

    Thanx a bunch

  6. If you can’t wait, get it from somewhere else- oh wait, you can’t. Bummer. We still do this for fun you know. If you pay us we could perhaps skip work and do this instead. Interested?

  7. Hi Juggen,
    Thanks for having good taste. Most of the anime I like has slow/incomplete subbing and I honestly dont care (currently involved with tetsuko no tabi, shouwa monogatari, mister ajikko& of course kabamaru. I’m still on IK ep3 anyway, no rush. thanks for making the old show available, but if we want to talk bribery, would you accept payment in upload credits? fake email, btw

  8. Why would we need that? lol

    And to answer malico78’s question:
    Some of us work overtime to make a living, and perhaps wanna spend the other day seeing friends or family, since they’re too beat after work to actually do anything productive for the rest of the day…? Not everyone are like that obviously, I can for example imagining you living in your parent’s basement, with no expenses whatsoever, watching anime and fapping all day long to some tentacle hentai ova. How a single anime series can make you become such a whiny ass is beyond me, especially since there’s practically an unlimited number of hentai ovas. I understand this is much information to take in right now, but don’t worry, soon you will, if you manage to get some friends.

    Yours truly.

  9. juggen
    1- i do not live as a freeloader and i have i job (Banker supervisor and looking for finish a high degree)
    2- i do not watch hentai
    3- i have lot of friends
    4- i did not mean to upset no body and no need for the beef and if you found what i wrote disrespecting i = apologize = and i am not whining as you think but i was wondering why it took all that time, i do appreciated the work you do but i have no idea that it is as hard as it is
    wish this leave us with no hard feelings

  10. Well, we have no intention of handing half-assed stuff out. We aim for quality. And if certain key people can’t find the time to fansub due to shit in life, then it can’t be helped. They’re not very easy to replace either, most of the time.

    It’s more work than you think, it’s like a second job in a way. And keeping people motivated is a real burden.

  11. lol, ppl now talk about the time !!!, check ashita no joe ep 18 to ep 19 break .. isn’t it 9 months or like it, after ep 19 saizen managed to get better so they released more along HnG, so getting breaks in fansub is a realistic matter in my opinion :D.

  12. ohh for God sake a bunch of lazy monkeys if you ask me

    i wish another fansub do the job right without any delays

    the problem with saizen that they do more than one thing at once thay should take it easy and do it one by one

  13. You are a dumb monkey for not understanding how this (and most serious groups)fansubbing group is organized, mina kun.

  14. Now, now, let’s not fight~

    mina kun what you say is the ideal, but the ideal is rarely reality. Reality is that not everyone wants to work on every show, which is why pretty much every fansubbing group under the sun has multiple internal teams for different projects. Some go slow, some go fast. Some share staff, some don’t. It’s messy from an organisational standpoint, but hey, this is a hobby, not work assignments. Take the fun out and it all comes crumbling down.

    Essentially it’s called *fan*subbing for good reason. People who aren’t fans of the shows won’t be very interested in working on them. If you’re a fan and feel that things are going slow, maybe you should consider contributing. πŸ˜‰

  15. cool off and come down i wanted to see fast releases too but all we got to do is wait and hope it will come pouring


  16. It’s pretty simple… Just do it yourself if you think you can do it better or help out releasing it faster, otherwise stop whining. :/

  17. OMG
    Igano kabamaru T_T
    that brings back memories
    I L-O-V-E IT >_<
    Please T_T don't stop translating it
    I really like your fansub <3
    it's A-W-E-S-O-M-R and professional
    <3 <3
    I J-U-S-T love it !!!!
    keep it up guys
    I'll always be supporting you
    <3 love ya !

  18. The translations are still ongoing, but a vital staff member is getting raped at work, to the point where he’s trying to find a new job.

  19. I just want to say thanks for all the work you guys do. Language is a tricky barrier.

    I ran across this show accidentally, largely due to the fact you guys started subs of it. Then I got hooked. Keep up the great work.

  20. Oohh that’s bad news πŸ™ I wish you will find someone because Kabamaru is a great classic anime. Anyway i need to thank you for doing this project and let’s pray for its completion πŸ™‚

  21. Argh, I ment to write “It” will get finished at some point, trust me word…

    And FalseDawn: Huh? We’re having loads of trouble because of you quittin’ on us.

  22. You should see how popular this anime is!! 50+ comments asking for it! while most of the other anime you do gets 1 or 2 comments MAX like Ano Hana or Moshidora… How about focusing on the anime with greater Demand instead of doing things that won’t be appreciated as much and get a single digit comments? Don’t waste your time because we understand that you have families and have to work!
    You can finish many episodes if you only worked on it for 5 minutes everyday. So don’t blame it on your poor family and job πŸ˜›

  23. For God’s sake, why can’t people understand that is not about demand? Why does people not understand that we don’t sub for them, but for ourselves? We work on things we like, and that is it. Not many staff happen to like working on Igano, thus it is an understaffed project. Live with it.

  24. I can say, ppl with no experience of how fansub’s staff go on with their projects, should step aside and don’t complain here and there !!

  25. @sangofe
    You have to understand that ever since you shared this project with the world via the internet it stopped being ONLY about you guys. I’m not saying this to take away anything for you but highlighting that fact.

    I do translation from simplified Chinese to English and Arabic to English. Even if I have no idea how subbing works, I still have the right, and so does anyone, to state our thoughts in a civilized matter.

  26. @Really?
    You have to understand that people have different opinions, and reasons than you. There is nothing more to say about that.

  27. @Really?

    You translating from Arabic implies that you have arabic origins, please don’t let the people who read your comment think that all of us are as stupid as you are…

    What the hell is this statement about the project NOT being theirs, they can just drop it immediately and then what will you do?

    Please, stop being such a sad case of a human being, and start helping them if you can, otherwise shut up and wait for the episodes as we do…

    – A Saizen fan since 2005…

  28. @seriously
    wow jumbing to conclusion aren’t we? I’m from HongKong and I went to study in Riyadh as part of our final year in uni to acquire the arabic language and no I don’t have arabic origins!

    I have nothing else to say about the rest of your comment becuase I will never lower myself to where you are^^

  29. Just to clarify — Igano won’t get dropped as we have all episodes translated. We just don’t have an editor at the moment.

  30. To all members, please don’t be Impatient, just trust the group, this will help them more than complaining on each project.


  31. Ask yourself, why isn’t anyone else doing this show? There are plenty of groups out there.
    Also, ask yourself, would whining speed up the project?
    And finally, ask yourself, would you want someone else to tell you what you can and can’t do?
    If you aren’t too ignorant, perhaps you will come up with some good answers.

  32. @really

    You’re absolutely right. We should have seen the error of our ways before. We thank you for showing us the correct path. As of episode 9, Igano Kabamaru will be an internal project, as this is the only obvious course of action in light of these stark new facts about fansubbing.

  33. Hey awesome subs!!
    I just stumbled on this anime today and started watching – it’s really being overlooked!
    And for the people complaining about slow translation:
    1. u don’t have any idea of how much work this must be –> I never worked on fansubs – though I was working for SONY and was programming DVDs and i can tell u the couple of times we put a stream together and the subs didn’t fit to the video –> well just putting a couple of single sentences to the right time is a hell of a work –> trust me u’ll notice a split second of delay or to early subs.
    2. if u make some awesome stuff why not share it even if u don’t have to –> we’ll we see – it’s the annoying people who just can’t stop complain.
    3. if u don’t like their pace then well why did u even start watching the show? – maybe next time make sure that all the episodes were subbed.

    So now I was complaining – I’m really sorry another person complaining…

    Keep up the good work!
    THANKS! (REALLY more people should start writing THANKS!!! INSTEAD of complaining)

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