Ace of the Diamond OVA
Baby and Me
Bad Boys
Charady’s Daily Joke
Kuroko’s Basketball
Layton’s Mystery Detective Agency: Kat’s Puzzle-Solving Files
Magnerobo Ga-Keen
Major Season 1

Tezuka Osamu’s Buddha
Yawara (BD)


Ano Hana
Ano Hana Movie
Aoki Densetsu Shoot!
Ashita no Joe
Beast Saga
Be-Bop High School
Buzzer Beater
Buzzer Beater (2007)
Captain Tsubasa
Captain Tsubasa J
Captain Tsubasa (Movies)
Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002
Chihayafuru 2 OVA
Dr Slump – The Dragon Ball Episodes
Fantasista Stella
Gakuen Babysitters OVA
Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger
Hajime no Ippo: Rising
Hoozuki no Reitetsu OAD 4
Hungry Heart: Wild Striker
Igano Kabamaru
Koe de Oshigoto
Kyou Kara Ore Wa!!
Laughing Salesman
Line Offline: Salaryman
Lupin III Movies
Major Season 2
Major Season 3
Major Season 4
Major – World Series
Mister Hitman: The Hired Gun (aka Koroshiya-san)
My Sister Momoko
Nasu: Summer in Andalusia
Ookiku Furikabutte: The Summer Tournament Chapter
Prince of Tennis: Atobe’s Gift
Prince of Tennis OVA1
Prince of Tennis OVA2
Prince of Tennis OVA3
Prince of Tennis OVA4
Prince of Tennis OVA5
RD Sennou Chousashitsu (Real Drive)
Sand Land
Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san OVA
Space Brothers (Specials)
The Cockpit
Two Walnuts
Yawara (Movies)
Yuki’s Sun
Yumedamaya Kidan


Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan OADs
Eyeshield 21
Naruto Movie 1
Ookiku Furikabutte
Psycho Armor Govarian
Ring ni Kakero 1
Shin Angyou Onshi
Slam Dunk
Soul Eater
Taisho Baseball Girls
The Kabocha Wine
The Red-Blooded Eleven
Toward the Terra

437 thoughts to “Projects”

  1. The Moomins, you mean? Hell no, that’s licensed and I watched most of the eps on TV as a kid πŸ˜›

  2. I have to admit, I’ve never seen that before, nor do I know what series it’s from, but after a little research, I can confidently say that it’s an adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s “The Nightingale and the Rose.” If you want to read the original tale, try here:

    But we wouldn’t be able to sub it unless a TL decides they’re interested, and without a series name, it’d be difficult to find a raw source. Though, if anyone can figure out which series that youtube link is from, we might be tempted, because “yay, literature!” πŸ˜€

  3. Yeah!, I recommend it to fansub world, but someone must offer complete HQ raws of this old anime, great anime that has real true meaning behind each episode.

  4. Hm, as ninjacloud says, we’d need some good raws to do it, and as it was a 70s series, they’ll be hard to find. On top of that, the series is 127 eps which is probably a bit too much for this group to take on with all the other projects we’re doing. I’ve also seen mention of English dubs, so I’m not convinced that it isn’t currently licensed, which would rule us out immediately. I will keep it in mind, though, as it looks like a rare gem πŸ™‚

  5. Hey guys

    ive been following you guys for years !

    with ippo , eyeshield , buzzer beater , Ring ni Kakero 1 & last but not least Aoki Densetsu Shoot!

    the one anime ive been waiting to be subbed for years was ashita no joe hows the progress going from 72 to 78 going ! its been a while i cant wait !

    Thanks Rolfe

  6. I see you have included Major World Series as a completed project, but the 15 extra minutes from the Complete Edition remain unsubbed by anyone. Hoping you’ll consider subbing that when you get a chance, it would be awesome to have Major complete!

  7. There was talk about it, then I guess it ran out in the sand. The extra material didn’t add much tbh, just slightly longer flashbacks. I also think we didn’t find any good DVD sources, and nobody bought it.

  8. Hello guys.
    I’d like to submit the idea of a coproduction between me & you for these OVAs:
    They’re directed by Osamu Dezaki & are the sequel of

    I have the japanese DVDs and can translate official french subs (of course due to your lack of TLCs, it can be done after Captain Tsubasa to be complete).
    I can submit the isos of this :
    when I have them too by the way.

  9. Hey Guys!
    I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about this anime :
    But it’s based ona manga of Tetsuya Chiba who also have done ANJ and TM.
    But anyway, I know that this anime is poor in both story and animation but I’m pretty that it will have a good story progress…
    I also know that CR has already released this anime, but your quality guys, is far better than them (This judging from Horrible-Subs releases).

    I’m sorry guys if I’ve talked too much and I hope that I’m not too greedy!

    Have a nice day/night πŸ˜€

  10. Would you guys be willing to sub any of the various GeGeGe no Kitarou animes?

    Skaro Hunting Society is subbing the 1960s and 1970s TV series, but there are least 3 more unsubbed tv series from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s.

    Please note I am not asking you to sub it immediately, as you already have tons of shows on your plate, but please consider it at least. It’s a fun, yet underrated anime.

    Also, keep up the good work on Tsubasa and AnJ!

  11. As it happens, I’ve put it on my personal list of things we should look into doing (the mangaka is awesome!), but with so many other things going on at the moment, we haven’t thought seriously about actually picking it up. I would like to do it one day though, and be assured that I will be pushing for it if we ever get to a point where we’re sitting on our hands, wondering what else to do πŸ˜€

  12. FalseDawn, if I were you, I would definitely talk to Nanto over at Skaro Hunting Society, then.

    If I am not mistaken, Nanto does have raws for all of the various Kitarou animes, but you’d have to check with him.

    You are right about Shigeru Mizuki. Hakaba Kitarou, the original manga, is an all-time classic. My favorite characters in it are Kitarou himself and his father, then Nezumi Otoko.

  13. Hi,
    may i suggest subbing Time Travel Tondekeman‏?
    I have an acquaintance who can provide the raw videos, if you want.
    thank you

  14. Hello thank you for translating these animes i would like ask you about tiger mask that’s anime has 2 season and it is amazing anime really !! can you translating it ?

  15. Genki99, Saizen is looking for the last 2 boxsets of Tiger Mask.

    Without those 2 boxsets, the show cannot be subbed by Saizen.

  16. I have no idea who wants to do it, but, great, you take care of that then, Genki. Buy ’em and rip ’em, or download them and send them to us πŸ™‚ You’re awesome!

  17. Uploading is work? Yeah, so? It would be for us too. What’s your point? You want us to do a whole load of work for you, and you’re not even prepared to simply download and upload it? Are you serious? Do you have any idea how long it’d take to sub that show even if people wanted to do it? Do you even realize how much of our time you’re asking for? And now you’re not even willing to bring it right to us? Pfft, get a grip, entitled ε…ƒζ°—. Next.

  18. Thank you for once again showing everyone how entitled you are.

    You really don’t get it. You want us to do something for you, so it’s our responsibility to go out and find everything, spend our money on it, make a team, and then spend thousands of hours of our time to sub it? Yes, thousands of hours. That’s right. That’s how many actual man-hours it will take. THOUSANDS. Pluralized with an “s.” It means more than one.

    You’re not even prepared to get the source for us. Why would we take you seriously? Nevermind the fact that I doubt there’s enough interest in it to get it going around here anyway. Why? Cuz it’ll take THOUSANDS of hours to do.

  19. In short, we need the dvdiso (DVD-9) of ep 49-109 of season 1, and they should be the Japanese DVDs not Italians.
    And of course, even with that, it won’t be possible to start that long project without interested people, I work on Tsubasa and I know how bad to start long projects…

  20. hi if possible, could you sub the new prince of tennis ovas. from episode 3 till 7 (ep 1 and 2 was subbed a long time ago) and the 1st stringers arc.

  21. Hi, if you have time, can you please sub the recently released New Prince of Tennis vs Genius 10 arc (I think it has 2 episodes right now).

  22. Are you going to sub the New Prince of Tennis Specials that were released in 2013??? They released 7 episodes. Also if you could are you going to sub New Prince of Tennis vs Genius 10?? If you could that would be great because no one else is doing it πŸ™‚

  23. Not sure we’ll ever sub anything at all when it comes to Prince of Tennis. I’m (and a now extremely busy translator) are the only reason we subbed any PoT at all. I’m also more or less retired myself. (I only QC laughing salesman now). So 99% sure you won’t see PoT anytime soon.

  24. Yup, it was all sangofe, nobody else did anything. -_-;

    Jokes aside, people who ACTUALLY worked on PoT since I became project leader for OVA3 and every following OVA and movie:
    murders, acg, Scab, it06128, Teko, juggen, ambient_88, Kayshin, tehwes, Synmais, dexturo, Validimus, KmE, Convexity, Jing, [NCA]Solo, Kuroiryuu, racer9876, Collectr, blackdragon1, MsBorderless, Ryuu, blakbunnie27, Leha, martino, LGDArm, Magic_Lord, Menkui, sangofe, and probably a few more that I forgot to mention.

  25. If you people read carefully what I wrote, it’s very obvious I’m saying that the reason we picked up, had pot as project, was because I kinda forced through that. Very few people in the group has ever liked the show.

    I never claimed to have done all the work myself like Juggen’s trying to say.

  26. hi, I see lots of ppl asking if ur going to sub new PoT ova series/older specials and i see u seem (sorta) interested and i just wanted to throw in my β€˜request’ for this to be done as well if you dont mind.
    Ive been looking around for a few months for it and i found that a lot of sites seem to have rly good quality raws up but no one is subbing them =\
    So if u wouldnt mind or r interested in that i just wanted to request it since i think a lot of other ppl might also be interested in watching ^^ thank you!

    (sry this is a duplicate from the rules section, this is my first time to the site and i wasnt sure where to put it, feel free to delete the other one if u want. sry!)

  27. In my opinion PoT is bull when compared with CT on all levels. CT is what made the Sports genre in Anime a big hit, nothing else came even close. PoT is a joke actually. But yes many people will have many opinions. Love live Saizen πŸ™‚

  28. rain: what if I told you that only two people in over thirty (yes 30) are interested, and these two people are very busy/not really interested in subbing anymore? Do you then understand how slim the chance of us subbing more PoT is?

  29. u rly dont have to be snippy about it. this page is suppose to be for requests right, well im seeing a lot of comments on a lot of sites that have the raws up that ppl want to watch it. if ur not going to ur not going to but just say it instead of being condescending. Also u might want to remove the ‘request for a PoT QC’ then if u have no interest in subbing it. thanks.

  30. rain: “snippy about it”? I think you should re-read what I just wrote. I don’t have anything more to add.

    Someone: When did I comment about that? Must’ve been a long time ago, because I can’t remember.

  31. Well, sangofe, you did say the following on that series’ ADC torrent page 1 month and 4 weeks ago:

    “Yeah, but good luck finding someone dedicated enough to sub all that.”

    Granted, that comment wasn’t on Saizen’s site, but you still did say it.

    I know there’s at least one Saizen member interested in forming a team to sub it, as well as 2 people to QC it, but without a translator, that won’t happen.

  32. There might only be two people who’d really want PoT subbed Saizen, I dunno. Also, I know others would help out if asked. Me for one as I worked on all OVAs up till now. I also was the project leader for those, but I bet you already forgot that.

    The problem right now is not whether sangofe is the only person on Saizen who is a true PoT fan or not, but the fact that we have lots of ongoing projects and people being busy due to several reasons. Before we start anything new we should try and get rid of a few older projects.

    We probably won’t start PoT NOW, but we might do it LATER. It all comes down to our general workload and finding a full team for it.

    There’s never anything wrong with asking. sangofe isn’t even subbing anymore, so I dunno why he’s being a meanie.

    We read all your requests, but most will probably get neglected. Occasionally though we’ll pick something up if there’s anything catching our interest. ^^

  33. Hello,
    i have an request.

    Could you please sub the series Fuuma no Kojiro? Its by the Mangaka, who did Saint Seiya, B’t X and Ring ni Kakero.
    It contains of 3 OVA-Parts.
    – Part 1 – Yasha-Hen, 6 Episodes
    – Part 2 – Seiken-Sensou-Hen, 6 Episodes
    – Part 3 – Fuuma Hanran-Hen, only 1 Episode but this one is 50 minutes long.

    You can download the Raws here and i can seed the torrent:

    I could also help out with Timing etc.

    I would be very grateful, if you could do a translation of this series. (Sorry, if i made some errors in grammar, i’m a german)

  34. hello my friend in Saizen, do you have planning to sub Slam dunk blueray? in nyaa, so many blueray release for Slam dunk, but there is only raw or non english sub.T__T
    For one of legendary anime sport, i think only Saizen is qualified for subbing this.^^
    Hope my dream comes true in this xmas.
    Thank you Saizen.

  35. I think we looked into it, but the Bluray actually turned out hardly any better than the DVD sources we were originally using, so wasn’t really worth the hassle.

  36. Thank you for the reply FalseDawn. Wow, i’m so surprising that bluray quality for Slamdunk not better than DVD sources.
    Because i think Kagura raw release looks good.>_<
    Really hope you will get top quality blueray for this series soon, so you can fansub again Slam Dunk anime.:)

  37. as far as we are talking about the king of sports anime, the only true legendary anime series would be CT. PoT and SlamDunk just came as tag-alongs. everyone knows, CT beats them all out. how many sports ppl have been inspired by CT, you guys can google and see. when it comes to PoT or SlamDunk, nothing of sort can be said. please dont take me wrong, i have the highest respect for PoT and SlumDunk fans and its creators. but truth be told, CT stands tall infront of each and every other sport-themed anime series. thank you guys. i appreciate this honour you guys have given me to speak my heart out, God bless you all.

  38. Hello, guys.
    I wonder whether you (alone or with Luurah) could sub the Robot Z Girls special episodes. These are 3 episodes only available in Blu-ray who last less than 10 minutes and they havent’ been dubbed yet.

  39. Falsedawn and Saizen, how about the original Kaibutsu-kun anime? It’s by Fujiko Fujio, the ones who created Doraemon and Laughing Salesman.

    DVDIsos for Kaibutsu-kun are on ADC, so raws won’t be a problem for it.

  40. Note that we don’t plan to pick new projects before we finish more of what on our hands, we have limited staff and most of them are involved in our projects.

  41. @juggen : the regular episodes (and “episode 0”) of Robot Z Girls have been subbed, not the episodes “3.5”, “6.5” and “9.5” that are available on DVD/Blu-rays only (you can check it on ADC).

    @nijacloud : for some projects I’ve submitted, I think it would mainly need a TLchecker. For RGZ specials, that’s why I thought of Luurah, since he likes Go Nagai’s universe.

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