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BS 01-38

Not much has happened since last time in terms of finding DVDs or BDs, we still intend to sub the special episodes if we ever manage to get our hands on them, but right now it doesn’t look too promising.

In other news, the batch is finally ready! Fixing timing issues and making the typesetting and such consistent hasn’t been high on my priority list… Come to think of it, I’ve also got the Ashita no Joe v2’s to take care of…

Anyways, these are still the same old TV-releases as you might have guessed. If you already have the old files, below you’ll find a link to a patch so that you don’t have to redownload all the episodes again. ^^

Beast fight!

Batch Patch.

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Magnet URI[Ruri-Saizen] Beast Saga - 01-38
MD5: n/a

BS 38
And so, the great saga of Liogre and co. draws to a close, a mere 941 days after the twin colossi of Saizen and Ruri began to weave its mighty tale. We may have finished this series nearly two years after the final episode aired, but by our powers combined, we’ve finally wrapped it up and we hope you enjoyed the ride. As is customary on the last episode of a series, let’s all give a warm round of applause to the gentlebeasts who made this all possible:

Translators: Alcyone, Mendinso, Sapphry, Yaminoyami, convexity (who did most of it <3)
Timers: ninjacloud, Sangofe, Isakasan
K-timing: FAbian101
Kara: Timescar
Editor: FalseDawn
Typesetters: MadMaxBoy, Timescar, Juggen
Encoder: Batman
QC: Kuroiryuu

We hope to have a batch release out… at some point (watch this space), and there is talk of doing the second season but raws are as rare as pixie dust right now, so we’ll see how that goes. If anyone knows of anywhere we might obtain the raws for the second season – rumour has it that NTT DoCoMo are streaming it for their customers so in theory, if anyone has a DoCoMo ID, we might be able to rip the streams from there – please get in touch with us either on the site here, on Ruri’s site, or hit us up on the Rizon network on IRC in the #saizen channel.

Magnet URI[Ruri-Saizen] Beast Saga - 37 [77E0D32C].mkv
MD5: a744372facadb08ea7305e0f7d1a20c0
Magnet URI[Ruri-Saizen] Beast Saga - 38 [76067059].mkv
MD5: b562fd8d1597b04aca94b0f6d55a87da

Beast 36
[Insert newspost here]

Magnet URI[Ruri-Saizen] Beast Saga - 36 [2BD6D8B5].mkv
MD5: dde900eee832c1c164dc0b0a731b65f0

Beast 33
Drum roll please, Garrison G…

It’s a triple release of Beast Saga! *cymbal crash*

Magnet URI[Ruri-Saizen] Beast Saga - 33 [43F28C82].mkv
MD5: 20a9469abe9832ee740181b64975cd3a
Magnet URI[Ruri-Saizen] Beast Saga - 34 [70E78F9E].mkv
MD5: 24b2393f5d3489c4889cf6d0f89a45b9
Magnet URI[Ruri-Saizen] Beast Saga - 35 [031D292F].mkv
MD5: 603328e7b5c5dc0146a048fa18a739df

Beast 32
This episode, Big Serow lands a part in the Easy Rider remake.

Magnet URI[Ruri-Saizen] Beast Saga - 32 [A0066CB7].mkv
MD5: 8807c49c27fe5cd8119a25c2205fa02b

Beast 30
How do you make a shark more intimidating? Simple, give him a chainsaw.

Rounding off this arc with another double header for you fine people. Will Liogre retrieve the Fire Godlot or will the Three Shark Brothers stop him in their tracks?

Magnet URI[Ruri-Saizen] Beast Saga - 30 [B55C8096].mkv
MD5: 244f6bf120897e9bc16f2fb8cbcea6ae
Magnet URI[Ruri-Saizen] Beast Saga - 31 [42ADEBEE].mkv
MD5: a4c4f23d7e69db843c88d6085ac704c3

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