Mister Hitman: The Hired Gun (aka Koroshiya-san) 1-10 Complete

With these shorts about a hard and demanding life of a professional killer, we wish everyone

A Happy New Year!

Staff list:
Encoder and Raw Provider: CharlieB
Translators: sangofe, tenkenX6
Translation Checkers: tenkenX6, kokujin-kun.
Timer: sangofe
Editors: konnakude, may-chan.
Typesetters: Hybrid21, zegond.
Quality checkers: CP, kokujin-kun, limpakos and sangofe.
Karaoke: zegond.
Special thanks: kokujin-kun.
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– Episode 03: c40d3814e31dd06d935e689452ba20da
– Episode 04: b821d0d1d5dab8e37bddc07ff4ee7a79
– Episode 05: 54261c991511889729a03afedbba3cad
– Episode 06: f4a0f8dcf71fd33eddc13d1e73ccd7d7
– Episode 07: d41f5a7a9c0e78b36328b4c6c7b52675
– Episode 08: 31fcb4ac8b1b361f82b558421e1a856a
– Episode 09: 55510679467ffd0f56e17dff73eafb7b
– Episode 10: 565d2a51049dd711110bb6ec7a7855e3