Space Brothers #0

Ever wondered how an astronaut poops in space? He goes to the space toilet, of course! As part of Mutta’s pre-course training to become an astronaut, he’s been punishing the porcelain on his very own space toilet but as you can see, he hasn’t gotten past the constipation stage, caused by having clouds tickling your ankles.

If you didn’t already know, Space Brothers #0 is a feature-length helping of more of our favorite brothers, Hibito and Mutta, and deals with the events leading up to the first episode of the TV series that made us all fans of the franchise. Hibito gets chosen for his first mission with NASA as the standby for the magnetic Brian Jay who is embarking on a manned lunar mission, while his older brother is slowly realizing the rut he finds himself in when he’s shipped out to the countryside by his bosses. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll get hungry for tofu, so watch it now!

This joint release (with the excellent fellows over at Live-Evil) was made possible by the following legends of their fields:

Translating: gumbaloom
Timing: sangofe
Editing: Me!
Typesetting: iORcHiD, AMS
Quality Control: Ayanami-, sangofe (he gets around), Mamo-chan, AMS (TCQC), Eternal_Blizzard
Encoding: Your_Mom

Oh and before we get a whole heap of complaints about how they do “bravery poses” not winner poses, we already know, but the puns on it weren’t easy to say the least, so this was the best way I could come up with to express the various mishearings of that phrase.

Magnet URI[Evil-Saizen] Space Brothers #0 [BD][720p][073751F5].mkv
MD5: 6e47552db77b9fb6685a6d31a98adb59

Magnet URI[Evil-Saizen] Space Brothers #0 [BD][1080p][FEFD68E55].mkv
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Space Brothers Special – Apo’s Dream

And here we come with another Space Brothers special! This one’s all about Apo and his boundless imagination – and the first thing you’ll notice about this little gem is that it has no dialogue (he’s a dog, go figure). So sit back, relax and enjoy the capers of our favourite pug – or as I’ve dubbed it, Apo and the Accordions ^^

A special shout-out goes to MetalFire who showed up in our IRC channel to provide us with the ISO for this.

CCCP icon[Saizen] Space Brothers Special – Apo’s Dream [DVD][AB9351AF].mkv
MD5: 4e4e35ca22d4352b3ed10b285902912c

Space Brothers Planetarium Special – A Flash of Light

[Saizen] Space Brothers Planetarium Special [DVD][3308DFE6].mkv_snapshot_12.14_[2014.07.26_19.40.38]
A number of us in Saizen are pretty big fans of Space Brothers, so when we caught wind of a DVD special that had somehow slipped through unsubbed, we jumped at the chance to sub it. This special is an anime-original storyline, focussing on when brothers Mutta and Hibito were young and trekking up a hill every night to get photo evidence of the UFO they saw up there one time. On one such night, they meet a girl around their age called Hikari and together, the three of them spend the summer up on that hilltop, cultivating their combined love for space. There’s some pretty neat trivia in this episode too, so you can learn as you’re being entertained. Space Brothers sure has it all, doesn’t it?

As you’ll guess when you watch the video, this special was originally shown in planetariums around Japan, which must have been an amazing sight, watching everything unfold above your head – but because of this, the port to DVD format has a somewhat unique look to it. So don’t all come rushing to us with complaints about some of the strange angles used in this special :p

Anyway, enjoy. Yay~!

P.S. An extra special thanks to Skr, our man in Japan, for getting his hands on this for us.

CCCP icon[Saizen] Space Brothers Planetarium Special – A Flash of Light [DVD][EDEA0526].mkv
MD5: 10c3b2fca58c072dc046a64b0279bc0a