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And then, after keeping you guys waiting for so long, we finally reached the end of Line Offline: Salaryman. I think we can all agree it was a fun little series with plenty of laughs to be had, and even a nice sunset shot of the office personnel to finish it all off. As ever when it comes to final episodes of a show, we do a roll call of everyone who made this project possible:

Raw Provider: Badskater
Translator: Convexity
Timer: FAbian101, sm2345, ninjacloud and sangofe
Karaoke Timer: FAbian101
Editor: FalseDawn
Typesetter/Kara/All-round Badassery: Timescar
Encoder: Scab (pre-retirement), CharlieB
QC: Kuroiryuu

So thanks to everyone involved, especially Ruri Fansubs, without whom this project wouldn’t have been possible.

Oh, and to answer questions before they inevitably get posed, we probably won’t be doing LineTown because 50 episodes at 25 minutes each is a bit of a slog that could probably be funnelled elsewhere into more exciting projects. And yes, blame me for the styling. I’m sorry ;___;

Salaryman - 75-89
It turns out that Moon started this new “twerking” craze. He has a lot to answer for…

Don’t forget to visit Ruri.

A better source for ep73 was found, hence the v2.


Argh! The aliens have landed! Oh wait… This is the new Power Rangers reboot? Okay, let me fetch my popcorn and we’ll marathon the first five episodes.

Don’t forget to visit Ruri.


Yo! Finally something out that isn’t Tsubasa. ^^;
It’s mostly due to me being in a tight situation in real life atm, stalling close to everything.
So bear with me for a while longer, and don’t lose hope. ^^

CCCP icon[Ruri-Saizen]_Line_Offline_Salaryman_-_068_[1875FD91].mkv
MD5: D146FD62CA25A62998819556062F5211


Welp, more releases! I have no clue where FalseDawn is currently hiding, but I’m hijacking Salaryman for this batch. =)
I have no idea what this show is about, but apparently there’s some potty training going on?


All right, all right, Brown! We’ll release all the episodes of Line Offline: Salaryman that we’ve been hoarding!

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