Ace of the Diamond OVA
Baby and Me
Bad Boys
Charady’s Daily Joke
Kuroko’s Basketball
Layton’s Mystery Detective Agency: Kat’s Puzzle-Solving Files
Magnerobo Ga-Keen
Major Season 1

Tezuka Osamu’s Buddha
Yawara (BD)


Ano Hana
Ano Hana Movie
Aoki Densetsu Shoot!
Ashita no Joe
Beast Saga
Be-Bop High School
Buzzer Beater
Buzzer Beater (2007)
Captain Tsubasa
Captain Tsubasa J
Captain Tsubasa (Movies)
Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002
Chihayafuru 2 OVA
Dr Slump – The Dragon Ball Episodes
Fantasista Stella
Gakuen Babysitters OVA
Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger
Hajime no Ippo: Rising
Hoozuki no Reitetsu OAD 4
Hungry Heart: Wild Striker
Igano Kabamaru
Koe de Oshigoto
Kyou Kara Ore Wa!!
Laughing Salesman
Line Offline: Salaryman
Lupin III Movies
Major Season 2
Major Season 3
Major Season 4
Major – World Series
Mister Hitman: The Hired Gun (aka Koroshiya-san)
My Sister Momoko
Nasu: Summer in Andalusia
Ookiku Furikabutte: The Summer Tournament Chapter
Prince of Tennis: Atobe’s Gift
Prince of Tennis OVA1
Prince of Tennis OVA2
Prince of Tennis OVA3
Prince of Tennis OVA4
Prince of Tennis OVA5
RD Sennou Chousashitsu (Real Drive)
Sand Land
Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san OVA
Space Brothers (Specials)
The Cockpit
Two Walnuts
Yawara (Movies)
Yuki’s Sun
Yumedamaya Kidan


Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan OADs
Eyeshield 21
Naruto Movie 1
Ookiku Furikabutte
Psycho Armor Govarian
Ring ni Kakero 1
Shin Angyou Onshi
Slam Dunk
Soul Eater
Taisho Baseball Girls
The Kabocha Wine
The Red-Blooded Eleven
Toward the Terra

437 thoughts to “Projects”

  1. I was wondering if you guys take requests? You guys did such a great job with Miyuki I was wondering if you would take a look into hiatari ryoukou, it is another Adachi anime and it is really great, well, up to episode 24 which is as far as the sub goes. There are still 24 more episodes that need to be subbed to finish the series. It is a really great sports anime from what I have seen so far. What do you guys think?

    1. Hm, I couldn’t find where we’d already answered this, but the lowdown on Hiatari Ryoukou is that it’s an ongoing project for ray=out, and their editor and ours for Miyuki are one and the same (Collectr). From what he’s said, they have all the episodes in various stages of completion (all translated and edited, or so I’ve heard), so it’d be pretty silly for Saizen to start subbing it.

      We get this question a lot, though, so all I can suggest is hopping over to the ray=out website or their irc channel and show the group how much love there is for this series. Looking at the download figures on Nyaa suggests only 300 people are watching it, so who knows, maybe motivation is flagging a bit on their end.

  2. Waiting ansiously for the other 2 Ace of Diamond OVAs, do you have any prediction about the release date?

    Thanks for your works!

  3. hello guys, what do you think about Dash! Kappei? Old, sport and funny anime, Midori fansub make 30 episodes, so only 35 left

  4. It’ll be nice if you guys pick Maison Ikkoku BDs… The RAW are ready and you could use the subs from the english DVDS with a good looking typesetting from your part (Maybe some fancy karaoke) 😀

    1. Although Maison Ikkoku is a gem, it has already been fully subbed officially by Viz (let’s not get into the subject about their quality, reputation, and etc, though XD ). It just feels more gratifying if you work on an unsubbed anime, IMHO.

    1. Kagame, I think the team has projects enough.
      But as far as I’m concerned, I plan to do english fansubs with japanese dvds & translation from official french subs.

  5. What happened to B.B (Burning Blood), Are you not going to sub it? Also I can`t find a sub for Christmas in January anime. >_<

  6. i hope ninku will be finished with engslish sub.. need another sub for eps 31-55

    any subs would do.. horrible will be fine.. T-T

  7. Is Fantasista Stella project stalled because of the absence of third dvd or has the fansubbing process for first two episodes just gone slow?

    I mean no offence, I just get this impression “Third dvd is nowhere to be found already, even if we release the first two episodes quickly the project will stall anyway.”

  8. Hello! I have a request for you guys. Is it alright with you if I use your subtitles from Ashita no Joe to sub the Ashita no Joe animated movie and then upload them to nyaa? I subbed the first six minutes to see if it’s even possible despite me having very little knowledge of Japanese, and it seems to work okay even though they redubbed the lines for the movie.

    There’s no real purpose to me subbing the movie since it doesn’t seem to have added anything, I just think it would be nice to have everything released from AnJ to be available in some way in English and it seems the movie is the only thing that isn’t yet available.

    1. You’re free to do whatever you want with our subs. We do have plans for it, but we don’t know when that will happen.

  9. Is there any chance for you guys to sub Hiatari Ryoukou? I ask because you seem to care for classics & you were also those who did Miyuki I’m sure you agree that an Adachi work more than deserve your time & to be watched by every anime fan out there, it truly boggle my mind how this left unsubed for so long when so many other which is story-wise from bad to average at best get subbed :/ anyway I hope you will do something about it & fix this, I can only hope.

  10. Hello Saizen! It is possible, that wou’ll create a subs for another Captain Tsubasa movies and OAV Shin series?
    Why uoy decided to do only 13 episodes of Captain Tsubasa J?
    Best regards

  11. hi !
    thanx for your answers
    but the problem is some eps in AVI I want all of them in MKV softsub pleasse if you can


    one another question about the filters you use for encoding this anime in high quality
    i have this anime in DVDrip but not like your best qualiti
    can you help me pleaaaaase


    1. @Sony90, the majority (99%) of the project team that worked on that project are no longer active and have retired. Even we do not have all the .ass scripts used to put those episodes together anymore. I doubt any of us even have the original DVD source either.

      Neither of the encoders who worked on that project are active anymore as well, and, quite honestly, they wouldn’t answer your question even if they were. Not because you were rude… It’s just policy. If we spent time doing stuff like that, we would never have time for anything else.

      One of the major reasons the switch to mkv originally occurred was to facilitate people wanting scripts (as well as a whole bunch of technical reasons having to do with the superiority of the mkv container format :P).

      1. @AMS thnx
        do me a favor if you want ??
        if you know someone has the original DVD or Rippen like your release no sub
        in your team or anyone else send it to me in my E-mail
        pleaase i need it Necessary
        thanx 🙂

  12. Hi. i wonder if you are willing to take in requests for older anime series? I was checking around the site and couldn’t find which is the right comment section to ask.

      1. AH, sorry for the late reply! So, i was thinking whether you’ll be interesting in picking up Tanoshii Moomin Ikka (90’s tv series)?

        1. We are old and slow + we lack the new blood/helpers to help us fansubbing. We desperately need a new TS, as all our old ones got caught in this nasty thing called RL.

      2. I find it hilarous how people keep suggesting new projects when we’ve been releasing so lighting fast for so long!

  13. Are you taking suggestions? What about the new Tenchi Muyo? The first episode of the new series in out and OVA episodes will be coming out over the next year.

  14. Good Afternoon My Friends. Sorry for bothering you, but i have a question i would like to say here openly.
    I Saw for the first time About Captain Tsubasa on Youtube but i saw that there are some Episodes Missing From The Release: Ep.2,Ep.53,
    Ep.92 and 102. Most of Them Have No Seeds To get The file.
    Can Anyone help please. Thank You.

    1. @Lui Silva – you need to download it from the XDCC bots.

      Do some googling on how to use IRC to download from bots and then go to the XDCC link on Saizen site to get the details.

      It’s pretty easy once you get your head around it. Good luck.

  15. Hi, nice to see the ashita no joe movies listed on the planned list. I’ve been wanting to watch those for a while. Looking forward to it, and thanks in advance.

  16. Can you please do Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Season 2? FMA1394 who did the BDs of season 1 isn’t doing season 2 due to losing his TL guy.

  17. I have one question – what kind of software do you use to track the movements of images and to position your subtitles? I tried once to use motion tracker for aegisub but the results left a lot to be desired.

  18. Hey team, firstly love your work and thanks as always.

    Now that you’re nearly done with Captain Tsubasa series, would you be interested in subbing a clone series of Captain Tsubasa, Ganbare Kickers?,_Kickers!

    26 episodes and a 40 minute OVA. 🙂

    Just some food for thought, totally get that you guys are over subbing Cap Tsubasa.

    1. It’s not dropped but let’s say it’s on hiatus due to Real Life(TM). No news on when we’ll have more episodes for you, I’m afraid. Same goes for Kuroko (for the same reason)

  19. Thanks for all the work you do!
    Is there any chance of continuation of Hungry Heart Wild Striker?
    It was really well done.

  20. That’s too bad, I came across it by accident and was really impressed with it. I cant seem to find the manga either..

  21. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ^^ Are you planning to sub old OVAs? If it’s a yes, let me suggest you a few titles: Umi no Yami Tsuki no Kage, Seito Shokun, High School Aurabuster, Aries Shinwa no Seiza Miya. And I’ve recently found this obscure and interesting tv series, Nessa no Haou Gandalla: only the first two episodes are subbed, so it would be fine to retrieve this project. It’s kinda odd that nobody did it it, considering that it aired on 1998 and not during the 70s-80s, and the original character design was made by a famous artist like Haruhiko Mikimoto. Thanks for your work, and good luck!

  22. Hi, I was wondering if you guys take requests and if so will you guys be willing to sub for the anime movies Gekijōban Meiji Tokyo Renka: Yumihari no Serenade and Gekijōban Meiji Tokyo Renka: Hana Kagami no Fantasia. Thank you

  23. Can you guys sub the rest of Captain Tsubasa J
    Since 4-34 are missing
    If not do you know any site I can find them on
    English subbed only

  24. No. We did the original series and road to 2002, that’s enough for the same story.
    Sadly didn’t come across one to let you know about it.
    LQ RAWs are available somewhere, not subbed.

  25. Hi Guys!
    I’ve already enjoyed your releases of Be-Bop High School and Kyou Kara Ore Wa!!, awesome work there!
    I’m wondering if you are planning to do another classic of the “delinquent” genre; “Shounan Bakusouzoku”
    I’m guessing you might know this better than me, but seeminlgy only the first of the OAVs is subbed by a group that dropped the project, and now there are easily available BD-RAWS and japanese subs as it seems that the series was released not only in BR but also in Netflix Japan!
    Shounan Bakusouzoku is real candy eye, they make really good use of color, one of the most aesthetically pleasing seires I’ve ever seen

  26. Hey guys, I was wondering if y’all were aware about about the new Prince of Tennis movie coming out next month (Game of Future: Hyotei vs Rikkaidai, Feb 13th release). Do you guys think you might look into subbing it, or know if there’s another sub group that has already announced that they plan on doing it? The subbing situation with PoT has been a bit ambiguous since there have been a lot of different groups involved with different parts of the series (the good chunk that you guys did is well appreciated), and there’s the Best Games OVA that’s been around for almost a couple of years now but no group has seemed to have taken any initiative on it. Anyways, the upcoming movie’s what’s important though, so I was just curious if you guys had any info on that. Thanks.

      1. I see. I remember asking around on the PoT subreddit what the deal was with whether the OVA series was subbed or not, and I was told by someone that there was a guy who sent all of the raws to a sub group that seemed interested, but nothing happened after that. Perhaps that group was you guys then? If there’s still any chance that you guys might do that series, I’d be willing to provide help if it’s needed. I don’t have any experience at all with subbing and I don’t know Japanese beyond a little that I’ve learned from watching anime, but I think there are roles such as “quality checker” which I believe I might be able to do. Same offer goes for that upcoming movie that I was talking about, if you guys are considering that as well.

  27. I’ll try to check with the translator and the rest of the staff if the prince of tennis projects can get off ground.

    1. Awesome, really happy to hear that. Again, if you guys need help, I’d be happy to try my best to provide any if I can. You guys have had involvement to some degree in the majority of anime that I’ve watched. I just finished Hungry Heart Wild Striker tonight, adding that to my list of completed animes including Captain Tsubasa, Fantasista Stella, Hajime no Ippo, Prince of Tennis, and Slam Dunk. Next up for me is Ashita no Joe, and of course, that’s been done by you guys too. It’s hard to express how much gratitude I have for you guys providing all of these fantastic series, and it would make me really happy if I could be of any use to guys.

      1. Thanks. FUNimation picked up Prince of Tennis so we’re dropping our project. We had just started…

  28. Hi, I wanted to know if you guys take requests? There is a really good anime named Mirumo de Pon, a total of 172 episodes but only the first 36 are subbed. There are many people who are not able to watch the anime because there is no sub. I have all the raw episodes downloaded on my PC. Can you help, please?

  29. Maybe in 10 years when we finish a couple of projects we’ll consider requests. For now though, not really.

  30. I was wondering, is it possible for you guys to translate the only episode that isn’t lost of the Laughing Salesman Live Action? I know it isn’t anime and is kinda long (45 minutes), but you guys have done and continue to do such a wonderful work on the Laughing Salesman anime (which I LOVE btw, so thanks very much!) and this is literally the only other piece of LS TV shows that hasn’t been translated (or assigned for future translation), and us LS fans would very much like to watch it 🙂

    you can find it here in 3 parts:;_1999)#External_Links
    I can also upload the merged version if you want :).

    PS: Posted this in a comment first because I hadn’t noticed this part of the site at the time. I apologize for that.

  31. As hilarous as this looks I doubt we’ll fansub this. The video quality is awful and we’ve got a lot of specials to subtitle still. But thanks for the link.

    1. Well, The video quality of the episode is 512 X 384, which while lower than the early LS episodes’ DVD quality of 640X480 is still very much viewable. I agree that it isn’t preferable, but this is literally the only upload of any of the episodes ever made (which is why all the other episodes are considered lost), so there aren’t many options.

      I do understand that you still have a nice chunk of LS specials to go through. I just hope that at some point (maybe as a final bonus for the LS fans after finishing the specials?) you decide to do this one too, so that every single piece of LS TV is available and viewable in English for all LS fans worldwide :).

      And again, thanks very much for all your LS work :).

        1. I don’t think this was ever released on VHS. If it was, Tapes of all the episodes would have probably surfaced by now. It was probably recorded to a home VHS by the guy who uploaded it though, so you are right about that. Still, it is literally the only thing we have available.

  32. Hello,
    I pondered upon your fansub page since I can’t find any higher quality Capeta release than 640*480 resolution. Which is a real shame because it’s a really wholesome series but difficult to find.. and 480p version is rather pixelated, not the best quality (the only one that has seeds at Nyaa was A-E version). Re_guru seems to have higher file size but no seeds.
    So i noticed that your subs group has once finished Capeta and is doing BD versions for other older anime such as Yawara.

    So my question and request is, is it somehow possible to upload a version or any suggestions how I could aquire Capeta with better quality? Or perhaps could you seed some releases?

    1. As a motorsports fan, I actually would personally love to work on updating Capeta in the way we have done with Yawara and other series, but unfortunately, it looks like this particular series hasn’t had a lot of love from the Japanese side either, because there aren’t any better sources out there. Hopefully, one day, Capeta will get the HD release it deserves.

      In answer to your other question, our current batch release of Capeta has plenty of seeds:

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