Layton’s Mystery Detective Agency: Kat’s Puzzle-Solving Files – 01

When you think of England, what do you think? Yes, detective dramas! We have them all: Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Inspector Morse, Cadfael, Dalziel and Pascoe, Jonathan Creek, The Singing Detective… and now we can add Katrielle Layton to that long list of British-based puzzle-solvers. A stone’s throw from Big Ben, you’ll find her agency, where you can hire her if you have a conundrum mysterious enough to tickle her fancy. This week, it’s all about a cursed house that makes people disappear!

Oh and a quick technical note: We have subbed this in the Queen’s English (and a spot of pseudo-Cockney), which means any American upstarts watching might not understand some of the phrases and spellings we’ve used. We’ve also used the localised names and characterisation from the game. This may irk some traditionalists, but as the setting is pretty important to this series, we felt this was the best move.

And yes, we are working on catching up to the current airing episode. We just had a few kinks to work out which is why it took a while to get this one out >.> But expect more fireworks soonish(TM).

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6 thoughts to “Layton’s Mystery Detective Agency: Kat’s Puzzle-Solving Files – 01”

  1. Thank you! Just a note, the episode titles should be translated as Curious House and Diabolical Dress seeing as they’re parodies of the first two games.

  2. Please finish this, I just can’t find last three aired episodes translated and I love this series, my japanese is not good enough to watch raw

  3. We intend to finish this, but we’re several episodes behind so I wouldn’t rely on us getting to those episodes quickly. Probably best waiting for Dreamless to get them out.

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