11 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa – 122”

  1. People come down here and end up being in love with anime and anime craftsmen, so don’t worry about low traffic if you have this kind of material and that kind of support.
    Ps: love you guys keep up

  2. Here’s hoping you’re going to cover the last 2 episodes as well (which are pretty much recap/summary). I mean – I believe in doing the whole thing or not doing it at all and I hope you guys share my beliefs.

    I only mention it, because you guys kinda did drop the recaps in Cpt Tsubasa J… to quote “Episode 1-33 aren’t worth doing, since they’re just recaps of episodes already covered by CT2002 and the orginal series, and ep34 is just a summary of those episodes. So we’re starting with episode 35, bringing you new material only.”

    So any word on that? Have you decided to do 127-128? Decided not to? Haven’t thought about it yet?

  3. @Erundil I’m already editing ep 127 and will do 128 as well. Though I have no idea how long time our quality checkers will take, but the last two episodes are translated, and we plan to release them.

  4. @konnakude This is great news. Doesn’t matter how long it takes, as long as it’s confirmed to be released.

    Frenchies-subs started all this back in 2012 – if I were the impatient type, I’d stop dropping by like 4 years ago 😛

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