Attack on Titan OVA 6 (Lost Girls: Part 1)

The old gang’s back together again with yet another Attack on Titan OVA. This time, it’s an adaptation of the Lost Girls spin-off centered on Annie and Mikasa. In this episode, Annie is assigned with finding the missing daughter of a wealthy tycoon just a day before she’s set to carry out her plan to capture Eren during the 57th reconnaissance mission, but things aren’t quite so simple for Annie. Joint with Soldado-Subs.

Magnet URI[Saizen-Soldado] Shingeki no Kyojin OVA 6 (Lost Girls - Part 1)[DVD][5053B818].mkv
MD5: 2bbb658eb1591ac1229f78bdbbd06907

15 thoughts to “Attack on Titan OVA 6 (Lost Girls: Part 1)”

  1. Well I don’t want to watch other subs for the upcoming episodes because I already what this in you’re sub & I’m a loyal man so I’m gonna wait for a while. Just letting you know that were/I waiting for you’re release XD

  2. I see guys that this OVA is now on the dropped releases section.. did you really guys drop the rest of the OVAs or it’s just a mistake due to your website new design?

    1. Ah, well spotted. It was an oversight because we dropped the series originally due to licensing. We still plan to do the remaining OVAs at some point.

  3. Saizen, thank you so much for everything you’ve done. I’d like to donate if possible, and also formally request the rest of AoT OVAs, whenever you are able to 🙂

    1. We hope to finish the full set of AoT OVAs one day but sadly, we have staffing issues at the moment on that particular project, so we don’t know when that day will be. As for donations, there’s a tab in the top right of our homepage that tells you what’s going on with all that.

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