Happy New Year from all of us at Saizen (Laughing Salesman – 18, and a special release: Ace of Diamond OVA 1)




Hope you guys enjoy the releases and here’s to a good 2015, cheers! Big thanks to the Ace of Diamond sub team as well as the Laughing Salesman crew for giving us some anime subs to watch!

Magnet URI[Saizen]_Ace_of_Diamond_OVA_01_[DVD][10bit][6407D74F].mkv
MD5: 734712ea73cda4dc78752d88c35feb82

Magnet URI [Evil-Saizen] _Laughing _Salesman _18 _[DVD][10bit][3642C00C].mkv
MD5: d86a35260daac8f1bffd1e0ff3c3cd0e

30 thoughts to “Happy New Year from all of us at Saizen (Laughing Salesman – 18, and a special release: Ace of Diamond OVA 1)”

  1. Happy New Year to Saizen team. And what a nice way to start the new year with a release of one of the awesomest sports shows currently airing! Love Daiya no Ace. Hope you’ll pick up the show for subbing too later.

  2. Yeah, the scripts got a few issues here and there, but our policy is typically not to do shows that are currently being subbed in acceptable quality.

  3. Happy New Year to everyone here! May your projects still get good treatment, and that your partnership with Luurah stays fruitful,

  4. Thanks for the Ace OVA!!
    I have a request, could you please sub the Fantasista Stella OVA’s that were released in 2014? I think it fits with your style of animes.

    Again, thanks!

  5. Anymore Laughing Salesman eps in the works? You guys are doing such a great job subbing it with Live-evil. Keep up the good work!

  6. Someone: blame me, I stalled the latest episode in QC for one week because I’m lazy (no, I’m kidding, I’ve got 3 jobs), so take that!

  7. To answer your question, raws haven’t been posted yet, unfortunately. We’ll see what we can do, those limited edition manga volumes are pretty pricey.

  8. They’re only around $27(25€) a piece. Make a donations post and sticky it. If the leechers want it, then they’ll gladly pay that + shipping.

  9. I don’t think they even air. They just come out with a special edition of the manga… hence it’s really an OAD πŸ˜›

  10. Thanks for the update Eternal_Blizzard!
    For the others, I was only curious if Saizen would sub them or not, I’m very grateful for the work being done. If my last message came across as impatient, I assure you I didn’t mean anything of the kind…

  11. @Someone: you need to check properly what you wrote before: on 2 September you wrote: “Someone says:

    Is the translator still having problems with his internet connection?”

    How’s that come to “translator is still missing”?
    And the translator is still busy with his RL. This happens to the best of us, you know. πŸ˜›

  12. Thanks for responding. I won’t be saying anything else about Laughing Salesman in this thread for a long while now.

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