Miyuki – 01-37 [Batch]

Miyuki - 01-37


As you all know, this has been out for some time, just took me a while to make the actual torrent. =)
We had no additional v2’s planned so this torrent contains no surprises.
As I can’t type as well as Collectr can, please visit his blog for all the shits and giggles around this project. 🙂

Happy New Years in arrears! =)

Also, don’t forget to visit Frostii and Live-eviL!

Magnet URI[FroZen-EviL]_Miyuki_-_01-37_[DVD]
MD5: n/a

6 thoughts to “Miyuki – 01-37 [Batch]”

  1. Thx a lot for this guys now I can finally watch it all, btw I have a request to make can u plz finish Hiatari Ryoukou! also!? all episodes or even only the episodes ray=out didn’t sub, I start watching it & at some point ray=out abandon it & never finish it & I liked it a lot 🙁 plz finish this one also I love everything from Adachi it’s worth having all of his work watched & archived because he is a genius!

  2. The Miyuki editor is actually the same one who works on Hiatari Ryoukou for ray=out and he says all the episodes have been edited, so I suspect they’ll work through the pipeline soon enough without Saizen involvement 🙂

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