30 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa – 100”

  1. So as it seems, at 04:10 Hyuga somehow managed to join the defense line after he had been subbed out in previous episode :p

  2. I remember a couple of months back, that CT used to be 2 releases monthly, now its like one per month, i hope you guys get more passionate workers under your wing, we fans are waiting eagerly for the project to see sunset, cheers

  3. It’s been everything, Monster. Two releases weekly, one, sometimes two releases in three weeks, and other times one per month.

  4. ya i understand sangofe, thanks a lot for the hard work you guys have put in, our children and grandchildren will realize wat a classic CT was and who were the guys that brought it out into the english speaking world 🙂 thanks a lot guys, God bless, peace.

  5. yes, first we ll concentrate on CT org series. Only 28 more eps left guys, lets make it 2eps/month, and we ll be done by X’Mas 2015 🙂

  6. XMas 2016 is the current goal and we really hope it won’t become 2020. 😉 (Yeah, I’m the one of a few to blame for slow release pace of CT.)

  7. As the editor of the series I don’t like the language that some of the “anonymous” commenters are using here, especially toward my teammates. If you think that calling others names and such shows how cool you’re, you’re clearly mistaken.

    Grow up and get a life!

  8. we desperately need to launch a hiring drive, we good ppl. so we can have them on our projects 24/4 atleast. thanks a lot for everything guys. you guys are doing a gr8 job 🙂

  9. hello gents & ladies. long time no see. sorry to interrupt your xmas plans, please can you let us know hows the CT project going on. after the 100th ep, its been quite a while since no further eps. wishing you guys a very happy and merry xmas and a happy new year cheers !!!

  10. @CreamCom

    Don’t worry, we’re still working on the series. It’s just that one essential member in our team had really bad luck with both his laptop and PC for a while, but you can expect more of Captain Tsubasa soon! 😀

    PS. Usually, it’s called “unpredictable technical problems,” 😛

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