Miyuki – 31

Miyuki - 31


Fall has come for some of us and winter depression probably already hit a few as well. Hoping to see a few more releases out before the end of the year eventhough they’ve been coming out a bit less frequent recently… I bet many got burned out this summer. ^^ Miyuki should come to an end sooner rather than later though, and the first eps from the Yawara BD project should be out in a near future too. But for the time being, please enjoy Miykuki ep31! =)

CCCP icon[FroZen]_Miyuki_-_31_[DVD][5037EB46].mkv
MD5: a95c6debb2a5cc58e7665e21e35c5ac4

7 thoughts to “Miyuki – 31”

  1. @bobmecz: It’s currently held up by someone that has other things to do. When that person finishes her/his task, it will be worked on by other people that have other tasks to do. When that repetitive process is over and done with, phew, the episode will most likely be released as a torrent and on IRC, so that people can watch it. Benri desu ne?

  2. Woot guys nice to see some more miykuki eps and thanks for the update on whats going on. hang in there xmas is almost here so time to relax and be merry soon 🙂

    once again thank you for your work with these golden oldies

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