H2 – 06

And on our 10th birthday, we’re pleased as punch. Look how wide our grin is! We’re so happy that we’ve given H2 a complete overhaul from the bottom up, changing the styles and redoing the TS and karaokes for the OP and ED. We’re releasing v2’s of each episode we’ve already released to reflect this, as well as to update some minor translation issues that our early releases had. Watch us knock it out of the park!

And Saizen’s birthday bonanza just keeps on rolling on. There’ll be more releases along later, so keep your eyes peeled and your fingers on those mouse buttons.

Here’s to another 10 years at the top ^^ *KAMPAI*

TL NOTE: At 20:30 in this episode, Hideo gets Kine’s name wrong and calls him Fune. Kine’s response is a reference to the manga/anime, Sazae-san, whose parents were called Fune and Namihei.

Release 4 of Saizen’s 10th anniversary release bonanza!

CCCP icon[Sighzen]_H2_-_06_[DVD][EE409E7D].mkv
MD5: e84129357920f320bcd7da98d2484954
CCCP icon[Sighzen]_H2_-_01v2_[DVD][468EBDA3].mkv
MD5: 3b4bec4c271772133460d5a9c39b4416

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