34 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa – 95”

  1. Haven’t we been subbing this fast enough?! And the ANJ team has nothing, NOTHING to do with the ct team!!

  2. You do all understand that we’re subbing this series on our free time? And that each episode takes numerous hours of work of a group of people, who all dedicate multiple hours of their free time so you can watch Captain Tsubasa?

  3. I think, in honour of that Speedsub tag we used a while back, we should introduce Saizen-Slowsubs, because we’re obviously pumping these episodes out far too quickly (a week since the last episode was too fast upon for some people, it seems), so to save the sanity of all our fans, we should limit ourselves to one release of Captain Tsubasa every three months. It’s in their best interests 😀

  4. You could disable the comment section of the site,just because every 2nd comment is a troll attempt or some ppl just have BM.I’m not really sure either way you might consider it.

  5. Sorry . . .bt dnt mind guys. . .wtever i said. . .i am crazy for ct & have been waiting from a long tym 4 entire series to be watched. .. . .so i hope u cn undrstand. . .u really did a gud job subbing all the episodes. . . u paid so much efforts just for us. . .thnx. U cn take as mch as tym u want. Bt dnt delay it due to my starting comments. Please. Its a request. . .

  6. Sangofe, there will always be trolls when it comes to really popular series like Captain Tsubasa.

    Just ignore them.

  7. None of Saizen’s projects are popular. 1000 – 1500 downloads per episode is nothing compared to 80 000 certain animes get.

  8. hahahah – here we go again.
    Saizen – you guys should just write a script that detects key words like “when is the next one” etc and automatically generates a response.

    Saves you guys the stress 🙂

  9. Hey I’m just wondering, how do you guys go on about deciding the size of the video. I notice the video sizes vary from huge to small for this anime. I’m not complaining or anything, I’m just curious. do you guys use crf? if so what number?

  10. Don’t work on Tsubasa and haven’t watched it, so I don’t really know. But if I really wanted to find that information out, I’d just look at the MediaInfo information for the file in MPC cuz that’d answer those questions for me immediately 😛

  11. No need to wait 4 saizen’s long time waiting ct episodes. . .jst directly download them from youtube via chris pre section. S for saizen s for slow. . .youtube rocks

  12. lolyoutube. If you guys are watching anime on Youtube, I’m afraid there’s no helping you. Have fun with that!

    EDIT: Also, it looks like the videos you’ve referenced don’t even have English subs, so… yeah… 😀

  13. FalseDown , if u r talking about english subs there are sites that are offering the same as u and that better at small size. Compared to ur 350 mb sized large videos they offer the same in 150 mb. . .one such is waoanime. . .u can check that urself. . .

  14. @Anonymous: Haven’t you heard that it’s not the size that matters…

    @SaizenFan: it is pretty much there, but as it’s summer, many of our stuff are on a well-deserved vacation IRL. But it will be out soon! 😀

  15. No one should bother replying to that guy. He’s clearly a troll. What he said makes no sense whatsoever. All the “subs” he found are our subs 😛

  16. Yeah, the waoanime videos go up to 95. I wonder what the last episode we released was… Oh, what a coincidence! It’s almost as if they’re releasing what we’ve already put out 😮

  17. Sry friends. . . U all r right. . .probably i should understand. . .its the result of ur efforts bcoz of which million fans r watching their fav. Shows with eng. Subs and high quality. . .really sorry 4 wtever i said before. . .sry 4 disturbing and sry 4 the troll. . .

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