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  1. Saizen helping to work on a mecha anime? Hell yes, I will be following this. There is pretty much a guaranteed interest in just about every classic mecha anime, so it will surely be appreciated by many. ^^

  2. Haha, so the day that Saizen endorses a mecha show (let alone one from the 70s) has finally happened. Let the pigs fly! 😀

    Granted, the quality of this one nearly isn’t as good as classics like Voltes and Daimos, but one’s gotta start somewhere.

    I’ll be looking forward to this!

  3. Yeah, I’m well aware of that. Although a specfic division led by Shidoni is handling it, it’s too early to tell how well they’ll do (though it’s nice that it’s getting off the ground at last).

    In the meantime, it’s nice to see one of Luurah’s dreams coming true. To him I say, congratulations.

  4. Wait, there are chicks who watch Giant Robot shows?

    There are no girls on the innernets!


  5. Sany, it’s your favorite anime based on a preview? You haven’t even seen the actual series yet! 😀

  6. Wow. This bring back memories. I still have to original magnet toy figure from this show. Didn’t think anyone would remember it.

  7. Out of curiosity, FalseDawn and KudosForce, did you see my post about Kurenai Sanshiro in the DVD requests thread?

  8. Oh.

    I was highly suspecting that, yes.

    Given Sanshiro is in the “maybe” pile (as a staff member mentioned on the thread), you’ll have to be patient, I’m afraid.

  9. Please don’t get the wrong impression, Kudosforce. I am not asking you to sub it immediately.

    I merely point out old animes that should be subbed. If you have lots of other anime ahead of it, then the decision is ultimately up to Saizen.

  10. Ah, okay then. (Actually, I can’t sub at all and I’m just a fan)

    In fairness, the list of old anime that should be subbed is so large you’d need a checklist to even remotely keep track of them all.

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