Hajime no Ippo: Rising v2 Batch


Hope the wait wasn’t unbearing. We have six episodes we decided to make a few changes to waiting for you. I have no updates on the BDs atm, maybe if you ask Badskater nicely he knows some more. ^^

For those who don’t wanna download the episodes all over again, here is a patch for you! (click on the file name at the top of the page)

Don’t forget to visit Frostii.

24 thoughts to “Hajime no Ippo: Rising v2 Batch”

  1. Added missing font to ep8-9 plus a few small script changes I believe, re-timing of ep12, TS and few script changes of ep16, few script and TS changes on ep22-23.

  2. Any chance of re-uploading the files on another file host? I got an alarm from my AV after trying to download from speedshare. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the patch (and doing the series) but I must join anon’s kind request of an alternative file host for it. Speedy Share requires the use of a download manager (“Tiny DM manager”) in order to download the patch. I have no interest (or need) in downloading any third-arty software just to download the HnIR patch (this is an unnecessary hassle for just 190 KB). An alternative filehost site would be greatly appreciated. Another alternative would be to upload the patch to one of your XDCC bots. Thanks.

  4. Hi,this is unrelated but will you guys work on Ano Hana Movie since the Bluray is out?Would really appreciate it if you guys could work on Ano Hana Movie.Thanks in advance:)

  5. what about a blu-ray release? i would love that..this anime is one of the best and deserves the best
    thnx for the good work saizen

  6. Any news on what is happening with the blu-rays? Are they worth it? Because the TV anime had a few weird animation / artwork, are those fixed? Is that why there is none of them on the internet? From JP websites and so on? Damn so many questiones >.<

  7. Hi,

    Nice work really and many thanks.I just one to know is it me or the audio is kinda of low compared to past seasons? I had my volume at 20 for season 2 and for this I had to go higher

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