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  1. Thanks for subbing this Saizen. Good season, and the last 4 episodes were pretty essential so I’m glad they decided to do that. Didn’t know much about Genji until then.

    Now here’s to waiting another 4-5 years for the next season! It might take a while, but no worries we can be sure she’ll come ’round the mountain when she comes.

  2. It’s been an epic ride, and I don’t mind the story shifting much. The creators did a good job of making everything relevant. Maybe next season all the missing training, Itagaki stories, and the brocco-man stories, will come to light. Can’t wait already!!!! 🙂

  3. Thanks for your amazing job and hardwork with this series!

    I didn’t expect that it would be a V2 batch, but since it’s coming, I would like to give 3 suggestions as someone who is already working with translating anime:

    -Putting the new karaoke in all V2 episodes before 15, since the first one had the romaji incorrect (yeah, I listen the lyrics as “miteKIta” as well, but I’ve checked the original lyrics in japanese lyric pages, and now your actual krk since episode 15 is correct).
    -Correcting the lyrics translation for those sentences “onaji yume wo miteita bokura wa, kizuitanda sekai wa mune no naka ni atte, zutto bokura wo matteta”. Since there is a lot of things that the first song translation didn’t consider, “miteiru” verb, “mune no naka” (inside someone’s chest), and “zutto”.
    -And, about episode 1, at the final minutes (21:06) I didn’t like when the character said “Ippo-kun no kao iro ga” was translated just as “Look at Ippo-kun!”. I understand choosing not to translate “iro” literaly as “appearance” or “look”, but I didn’t like not mentioning “face” (kao). Even Crunchyroll did it, translating as “Ippo-kun’s face is turning…”, and at the next line, when Ippo says “karada omoi” being translated as “I can’t move!” when it should be “Body feels heavy…” as Crunchyroll did, since it’s not something with “ugoku” and “dekinai”.

    Overall, knowing it’s a joint release with Frostii, and watching the episodes, I know that in some translation points was chosen a more liberal than literal translation and I’m ok with that, just saying some thing that I would like in a future batch.
    I think it was an amazing job translation and I prefer to stick with your release to put in my collection (and I liked your work in New Challenger as well), than taking “HorribleSubs” ver.

    Sorry for being picky and giving some suggestions.

    Thanks so much! 😀

  4. I’m pretty sure the team knows what to do for the some v2’s, but kokujin-kun carefully chooses how to word his translations, so… If you know Japanese, by the way, why don’t you take our translation test?

  5. sangofe: Because even knowing Japanese, I’m at a medium level, so I’m not really fluent, I just know the basics and how the grammar and sentence construction works, which means, it’s a hard process for me to translate. I’m slow because I transliterate the audio and after I do a lot of research to find the word meanings and stuff, when it should probably be more natural and easier for someone who already are Japanese fluent.
    Plus, it’s a consuming job which requires a lot of patience, dedication and effort.
    I’m just working in one project (and it’s my first, to say), because it’s an old series that no one cared for.
    Besides, I’m more suited to Quality Check and revising script than doing the actual translation, and in reality this is what I mostly do in my project. 😀

  6. Now that this is finished, what up with a certain other boxing show? You know, The Contender? Lights Out? Those haven’t been updated for a while, AMIRITE? ;D

    Happy late April Foolz.

  7. Klonoa7H, what are u saying, there’s been no Joe episodes lately? This is news to me! Thanks, man, how did I not notice! Jokes aside, we’re actually keeping the episodes from you, specifically.

  8. Alright, Mr. Green clan blond yellow haired ninja head band. Get a sock in it gonna. Thats good to know. Now if you exude me, I’ve got some moonwalking to do, love.

  9. @Ritsuka:

    Crazy as it seems, I’m actually curious as to how you would translate the “onaji yume wo miteita bokura wa, kizuitanda sekai wa mune no naka ni atte, zutto bokura wo matteta” line.

  10. @kokujin-kun: Sorry for the delay.

    Well, making my own translation to the song lines and taking your first sentence as a basis to start

    なんべんも そうもうなんべんも
    -Time after time, we have all (it’s correct, since 何遍も gives a sense of time that repeats constantly or something that occurs often or “several times”, plus I’m really in doubt about the “all” in this sentence and since the official lyrics are written in kana, I will consider this “sou” as 総, “whole”, “all”, “general”, as I tought you considered)

    And the sentences in question…

    -Time after time, we -were- all…

    -…seeing/watching/looking the same dream(s)

    miteita corrected, te form + ita http://ww8.tiki.ne.jp/~tmath/language/jpverbs/lesson60.htm . Since I corrected the second line, I changed “have” to “were”.

    気づいたんだ 正解は胸の中にあって
    Kizuitanda seikai ha mune no naka ni atte (and not “sekai”. We could clearly listen “seIkai”, which implies a romaji correction in your karaoke V2)

    -I realized that the correct answer was in/inside my chest (or or “our chestS”? Since the song can relate to more than one person…).

    気づく きづく to notice; to recognize; to recognise; to become aware of; to perceive; to realize; to realise
    正解 せいかい correct; right; correct interpretation (answer, solution)

    -waiting for us the whole time/all along


    -always waiting for us

    And there depends how would like to translate “zutto”.

    Lyrics taken from: http://www.littleoslo.com/lyj/home/2013/09/%E5%BF%98%E3%82%8C%E3%82%89%E3%82%93%E3%81%AD%E3%81%88%E3%82%88-%E5%A4%9C%E9%96%93%E9%A3%9B%E8%A1%8C-%E6%AD%8C%E8%A9%9E-pv/

    I don’t want to be boring. I’m just aswering with how I would translate those lines since kokujin-kun asked me. I have a LOT of respect with your work, and I know it’s kind complicate to translate a song by just hearing the lyrics and not possessing the “official” lyrics itself. It takes some time for song’s lyrics to be published, having to waiting for the single to be released with its printed booklet together and stuff.
    And, if that doesn’t sound pretentious, I wouldn’t mind if you use my small suggestions in your V2 batch. I’m just a boring, picky guy, who loves to see everything perfect in its minor details. I really respect Saizen’s job and that’s why I’m picking your subs to stay in my collection. 😀
    (I would be happy if you consider about the 2 sentences that I asked in episode 1. And, to the ones that are curious, I’m working with the classic Saint Seiya series and looking for/recruiting a encoder who woud be able to get the Blu-ray boxes when it’s released. We have 70% of the series already translated at this point and, if everything goes smoothly, BD raws will have the same time length as the DVD ones, I hope).

  11. No, no, no. I’m not looking for lyrics in bits and pieces, I’m looking for lyrics as a whole, to see how they sound like and flow together, so try again. And actually choose your words, because multiple-choice options aren’t going to appear in any fansub karaokes.

    And no, if you haven’t demonstrated that the two lines of dialogue aren’t actually wrong, they aren’t going to be changed.

  12. Yeah, he wants to see how you deal with a sentence with two separate subjects in it :p

    seeing/watching/looking the same dream(s) – 夢を見る actually means “have a dream” because “We were seeing/watching/looking at/the same dreams” is Engrish and not English. You can’t see, watch, nor look at a dream in English.

    As far as trying to 1:1 translate 現在進行形 or 過去進行形 goes, let me give you a simple example of why doing that could and probably will at some point cause you problems. So, say you’re in Japan waiting for a bus at a bus stop and you see the bus a couple of lights down the street. In English, you’d say “The bus is coming.” In Japanese, you wouldn’t say 「バス来ている」, which is 現在進行形 and is literally, “The bus is coming.” You’d say, 「バス来た」, which is simple 過去形 and is literally, “The bus came” (even though it’s not even technically there yet). There are more issues with this tense, but I think you get the point; verb tenses in English and Japanese sometimes do not match up 1:1.

    I can see you have some knowledge in Japanese, and I’m not questioning that. I know learning other languages is hard and takes a lot of time and effort. I respect that. I do have a feeling though that English is not your first/native language too and may be causing some of your problems with Koku’s translations. Possibly a combination of the two?

    p.s. How does “iro” mean “look/appearance” there? It means “color.” On top of that, wouldn’t it be, 「顔色」 (one word) and thus mean “complexion/expression” in your own translation and have no need for “face” or “look”?

  13. Looks like I’m 6 years late, but I just finished my first watch of the whole series now, and I noticed that it was you guys who subbed the 2nd and 3rd seasons, so I thought I’d come by the website and thank you for your work. It’s been a while since the days when I’d frequently check this site to see if a new episode of Captain Tsubasa was released. I didn’t think I’d find another anime that I’d be as passionate of a fan of as I was of CT, but then I found HnI. Good work guys. It seems that the gap between seasons varies between 4-7 years, and we’ve reached year 6 since season 3, so I’m desperately waiting for season 4 now. I assume y’all would be eager to see its release too.

  14. No one has subbed episodes 4-34 and even if they are recaps
    These recaps are better than Road to 2002
    Am I wrong

    1. Even if the recaps are better, what’s the point when you’re able to watch the entire original series?

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