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  1. I really wonder why old series with a 8bit source will now be recoded to 10bit ? Of course there’s no visible change of quality but this was no surprise for me. The files are bigger now compared to the earlier 8bit encodes and this could be a surprise. People with a hardware-based media player are not able to play your releases anymore without recoding them.

    The funny thig ist… even bluray is 8bit encoded and only anime groups recode stuff to 10bit becaus of the same hype they startet to encode xvid few years ago with incompatible warppoints (not supported by any hardware till this day).

  2. To be honest, if you’re watching anime through anything that isn’t linked to a computer in some way, you’re doing it wrong. Hardware-based media players are a thing of the past and well, we’ve never really supported them anyway. Our downloads are geared towards computer compatibility, nothing else.

  3. Is the ano hana movie coming soon? I loved your work on the series, and I was thinking if you’ll sub it soon 🙂

  4. I see it like this: Once you are stuck to 10-bit for its advantages, why throttle back to 8-bit for specific series? It’s like suddenly deciding AVI is better for a series when you’ve been using MKV for all the other ones. There’s also the fact that the data gets compressed more efficiently than it does with 8-bit color-encoded streams.

    The main advantage to 8-bit color encoded streams was that it was supported by hardware, but that was a few years ago. Nowadays, plenty of hardware can do accelerated 10-bit encoded h.264 or it’s not even an issue because the hardware itself is fast enough to play it even without acceleration.

    Finally, the argument about BluRay is meaningless: DVDs were stuck with MPEG-2 for a long time even though codecs kept getting better and better over the years. The industry picks a standard, fixes it, and sticks with it for a while until the next big thing comes along. It’s done for compatibility. We as fansubbers, though, have the choice of picking the latest and greatest. 🙂

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