Get ready for some Hajime no Ippo…

So, is everyone excited about the new season? We sure are! Good ole Juggen is leading the project (25 episodes), and we expect to release in a timely fashion, though the first episode might take a bit longer. So look forward to our new project: Hajime no Ippo – Rising

34 thoughts to “Get ready for some Hajime no Ippo…”

  1. I’m really excited about this news πŸ˜€
    I will wait patiently ’cause you’re the best sports anime fansube eva!!!

    Thanks in advance Saizen and if there is another group who will team up with you!

  2. That link is just a news announcement that crunchyroll posted. Nowhere in that link did crunchy say they were picking it up. They still have a day or so to do it, but it seems unlikely.

  3. Guess what? We’ll still do our own subs even if Cr’s doing! For ippo, we’re doing an exception πŸ˜‰

  4. Portnoi88, I never said we would do it, but we’d check it out. Plus, it takes forever to download. And yeah, we’re quite busy atm, but it could possibly be a future project.

  5. In response to comments about AnJ: I’m actually seeing a few common staff names across Saizen’s releases, which leads me to suspect that the staff for each project are not totally separate. As in, if one project is getting attention, the others are actually getting put on the back burner. To me, it looks like AnJ got put on the back burner…

  6. I don’t care what you think though. =) And I’ve already stated that I’m stalling several projects atm due to a bit of a crisis irl, nothing you need to get any further info on. And yes, I’m gonna prioritize Ippo over AnJ. It might be others who work slowly too, and that’s another matter you guys don’t need info on. Just be happy someone is subbing it and stop the whining, please.

    Disclaimer: I’m mostly the only staff that works across projets, except for QCs and I guess ninjacloud, who by the record isn’t stalling jack shit. πŸ™‚

  7. @A-Style: Wow, you deduced that there may be staff overlap in some cases?!

    For finding out this overly kept secret, we will present you a chocolate cookie. It can be collected at the entrance of the railway station of Uppsala, Sweden, if you give advance notice well ahead of time.

    Not that I have anything to doe with Joe… haven’t seen a single ep πŸ™‚

  8. I’m not sure which series you’re comparing AnJ to, staffwise, as the only show that’s currently burning through the episodes is Tsubasa which, as far as I’m aware, has a completely different staff roster to AnJ.

  9. Hey guys!

    Glad to see you are doing Ippo, the Hubster and I were hoping you’d all pick it up. Miss you guys! Hope you’ve all been doing well? Juggs if you ever need to chat (I read up above and hope all is okay) yah know my email.


  10. Pointless. Instead of subbing AoJ yo’re doing this shit (which is being subbed by at least one group + CR).

  11. No it’s not pointless, if Saizen can do a superior job. Better yet, if they actually enjoy doing it and people enjoy watching their releases then that’s what really matters.

    Sure it’s not the glorious Ashita no Joe, but it’s still a fun anime either way. And I’ll probably be waiting to marathon the whole thing and rewatch the earlier seasons first. So I think I’ll go with Saizen’s release.

  12. Sangofe, I’ll come visit tonight after our company leaves, though I do not know how many of you overseas folk would be awake then.

    Oh and Goral, nothing is pointless. Something I learned during my time fansubbing is that fansubbing is not for the “fans” meaning the general watching populace, it is for the fans who sub the show, meaning those doing the job. If you are a fan and want a particular show out faster – join a group and help out.

  13. @jug: I realize that you guys do stuff for fun and for free, but being this good does breed expectations from the people who download and enjoy the results.

    If anyone has seen Golgo, you’ll notice that he is the best sniper, but takes great care not to abuse that fact, and manages client expectations accordingly. That’s how Golgo stays in business. Saizen is one of the best in their line of business, but I am seeing some mismanagement of audience expectations, like saying “We do this for fun and for free, so we can do whatever the hell we want”.

    I don’t want to see Saizen flame out and disappear because they spread themselves too thin.

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