Hajime no Ippo: Rising – 01v2


After a four year long wait, the next season of Hajime no Ippo is finally here! It’s gonna be another collaboration with the remains of Frostii, and we’re looking to provide ya’ll with high quality subs in a timely manner, looking to release within 1-2 days after airing.

v2 Notes:
So there were some ghosting issues due to a corrupted filter that we have now taken care of. Meanwhile we did some small fixes to the script, including TLC on the ED-lyrics, as well as fixed a font issue for those not using the latest CCCP.
I guess we weren’t quite ready to release within 48 hours just yet, but now we can keep all known issues in mind for future releases, and hopefully shouldn’t be needing additional v2’s. ^_^

CCCP icon[FroZen]_Hajime_no_Ippo_-_Rising_-_01v2_[B0554D55].mkv

54 thoughts to “Hajime no Ippo: Rising – 01v2”

  1. Hey I’m really glad you guys are subbing them, I was like fuck man I really don’t wanna have to just go with Horrible lol

  2. I watched your release of New challenger and it was excellent.

    I have a query though, New challenger had an SD version released , will rising also?

  3. It’ll depend on the number of request as usual, but most people have pcs decent enough to watch this one. I tested it with a Pentium D, and it was fine.

  4. Sweet, glad there will be a source for the greatest sports anime in history besides CR.

    They’d better not wait another FOUR years between this season and the fourth though, I had given up hope…

  5. “They’d better not wait another FOUR years between this season and the fourth though, I had given up hope…”

    You can count on it! It’s practically an HnJ tradition now.

  6. Agreed. There was some weird ghosting in the video during movement. Also, I much prefer this release, but it did seem Horriblesubs’ had a better translation over this time.

  7. What TS error? “Seems”…? You even know a word in Japananese…? ^_^;
    You guys sure talk a lot while having nothing to back up your critisism with. ^^
    There do seem to be ghosting present, though. Jump on the bandwagon and blame Badskater!

  8. vertai: Are you Japanese? Come with true examples if you’re gonna criticize the translation. Put up examples comparing the lines, and then we’ll have kokujin-kun comment your examples.

  9. I really had trouble with K-lite mega codec pack with Yibis releases past few weeks since I had a lot of three liners, and I didn’t expect it from Yibis, but that CCCP with small file size fixed my issue and it’s the first time to enjoy this codec pack, I suggest everyone to get it too ^^

  10. Why do people compare the two series? Besides boxing, they’re nothing alike. AnJ is more bittersweet and is about the struggle of a homeless person in a economic depression who only knows how to fight, even though doing so leads to more tragedy despite his love for it all. Ippo on the other hand is optimistic, the polar opposite. It focuses more on boxing and how it makes a weak kid stronger and eventually become one of the best, finally finding his niche in life.

    Both are great, but besides boxing, there’s no other way to compare it. AnJ is more a about the economic depression and dire circumstances of its time, while Ippo is more a story of inspiration and how even a weak person can become strong.

  11. Sorry, it just annoys me when people try to equate the two. It’s like comparing Votoms and Gundam because they both have robots.

  12. also (oh crap triple post) who says Saizen can’t work on two things at once? Let them do whatever the hell they want. Bringing up other series just to due superficial similarities with a new one won’t do anything to “hurry” them up.

  13. Anonymous: I really like your posts, so why don’t you start posting with a nick and come chat us up on irc sometime :)?

  14. Is there anyway that future releases will exclude that watermark (I think it can be considered one) that’s in the upper right corner? Horrible’s releases don’t have them but I don’t want to have their subs as I prefer Saizen’s subbing. Thanks for all that you do btw

  15. Smexican, that’s the TV station logo. HorribleSubs doesn’t have it because they don’t get their raws from a TV station. Removing the logo would actually decrease the quality of the video.

  16. No, because that is the TV Station’s logo, as it is an HDTV Rip from a Japanese TV recording. Though there are ways to “mask” out certain TV station logos, more often than not, it’s a pain in the ass and not really worth bothering with.

  17. Yeah I’m also having the annoyance with that watermark. If I may suggest though. You guys could take the HorribleSuvs video & THEN add yours subs to that. Thanks for the consideration

  18. TV station watermarks have been on releases since the beginning of time. Why is this an issue for discussion now? :S

  19. Hey

    Not to be a bitch, but in the v2 is a spelling mistake (I think).
    14:11 What the hey?

    I think it should be ‘What the hell?’


  20. Using the direct source from our capper with the watermark on it, means we can release in higher quality.

    Also, I didn’t even notice the watermark at first, you guys must be really needy. I also checked 8 series randomly, and 4 of my releases had watermarks in them, so it’s not that uncommon. ^_^

  21. Also, if you hate watermarks or any sort of TV encodes for that matter, just wait for the Blu-Rays like everybody else.

  22. Guys how many hours it will take u to release the 2nd episode? I want to w8 for your release but this anime is my all time favorite & it’s really hard for me to w8, but if u tell me that it wont take long I’ll be a little patient to watch the superior version, answer me as soon as possible plz.

  23. Tim: you should read the post before asking, because asking questions that have already been answered can annoy people.

    Juggen wrote, in this very same news post:

    ” and we’re looking to provide ya’ll with high quality subs in a timely manner, looking to release within 1-2 days after airing.”

  24. I did not mean any offense by my comment. I am not Japanese, and in no way claim to be any sort of expert. When I said the translation on Horriblesubs “seemed better,” I merely meant in the details. Specific examples include the name of the knots that Ippo wanted to learn to tie instead of it being translated as just simply “knots.” I mean, I admit maybe the Japanese script only just said knot and nothing specific, but I figure people who sub would only simplify on the translation, not make it more difficult. I know in the end it doesn’t really matter, but I was just pointing out an observation. I’ll of course still watch this group’s releases.

  25. Vertai, we mostly use a translation that’s as litteral as possible (except when we have to translate “chinchin” jokes, so you all understand them, not only like the 5-10 of us that watches the release while knowing japanese. xD)

    Back on ep 2, which should be done soon(tm).

  26. Thanks for the great subs im looking forward to this! btw I hope there will be sd releases as well if its possible as mkv files cant play on my tv 😀

  27. WOW! I completely forgot about this! Thanks for this, I love you guys!I loved your subs for New Challenger (Still got them on my HDD :-)}!

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