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  1. So still no Miyuki

    Who died here:
    Grandfather ?
    Grandmother ?
    Uncle ?
    Aunt ?
    Brother ?
    Sister ?
    Mother ?
    Father ?
    Cat ?
    Dog ?
    Goldfish ?
    Or anybody else ?

    You should make a rule for yourself, saying
    “We will regularly inform the people who are watching our releases about the status of every Animeseries we are subbing, so that these people don’t have to bother us with questions about release dates”

    But I personally I think that´s the new fashion in fansubbing: First start a new Series, than stall it and neither give a status report nor answer questions about the next release.

    That shows that Fansubgroups give a shit about the people who are watching there releases.

  2. Wong, asking questions doesn’t help because we won’t answer them. We have set rules for a reason because hanging out certain staff members would do nothing good to the team subbing it. Plus, if we start answering questions, we’d constantly get more questions. All I can say is that everything will be subbed because it has all been translated. You know, slow projects even frustrates us as well, but sometimes you have to accept things.

  3. Wong, we rely on so many people for each release, it’d be rather difficult to give constant reports on how far along a certain one is. Even *we* sometimes don’t know more than “this person is (supposed to be) translating/editing/whatevering this episode”.

    Not to mention each project has different members, some more devoted than others, so… yeah. Giving a status report would be about as unreliable as the predictability of what comes out when…

    Now, if we all were a tight team of pros who did this on some sort of strict schedule, then I would understand the “Fansubgroups give a shit” argument. But as it is, we’re not exactly in control of each other and when someone actually works on something (and how fast they are at this).

    Also, note that sangofe actually hunts down and contacts the people who aren’t doing what they should be doing a lot (for the projects he’s involved in!), which is how Captain Tsubasa suddenly got such a boost in the first place! 😛

    tl;dr: I can understand your sentiments, but it’s not exactly like we can predict when something will be done with all these people…

  4. Now that I think about it, though… if we had an idea to automatically show the topic titles in our IRC channels somewhere on the website, that *would* stop a lot of people from asking about this, because they show who’s doing what for which series. (Then again, people might start bothering some specific people if we do that, and that wouldn’t be nice, either…)

  5. @Wong

    Either you’re dumb as a doornail or you’re trolling.

    For the first, I don’t get it – if you’re so interested in Miyuki, why do you post on Captain Tsubasa? Or do you really think that we’re like 4 people working on every project in Saizen? That’s the current number of translators for Captain Tsubasa and there are many more working with other parts of the project. Saizen has different teams working on different projects.

    Second, do you think that putting out a list of “Who died here” is funny? WTF, my mom died last year and I don’t want to be reminded about it by some bloody infantile imbecile who thinks that joking about death is fucking funny. I really hope that you’ll be able to live through your exiguous life without any such loss. I would like to see how funny it will feel for you when it’ll happen to someone in your family.

    And lastly, you wrote “You should make a rule for yourself, saying…”. Saizen has the rules and you can read them under Rules here, on this site. And I’m still wondering how we even managed to put those rules down without consulting you. So, if you have more suggestions on how Saizen should be run, maybe you can share them with us in the future. Though, I don’t think it’ll be any use anyway, because “Fansubgroups give a shit about the people who are watching there releases.”

    I can’t say for all “Fansubgroups” out there, but I personally give a shit about you and your demands. You just don’t deserve better treatment.

  6. it06128, konna… I know I have no real right to say what you should or shouldn’t do, but come on… Don’t get so upset over these… Please! 🙁

    Fighting harsh with harsher will just make everything go into a continuous downward spiral. If you ask me, thinking about what could be done to stop people from asking would be much more effective.

  7. Though konnakude, you definitely have a point about how terrible that remark about dying is. It’s not funny, not clever, not considerate and not insightful in any way… Wong, if you want to make a point, make sure not to do that kind of thing in the future, okay? Being tactful gets you better responses (I would hope).

  8. i hate people like Wang!! why dont u just f*** appreciate the work being done for all the people around the world to enjoy these anime that we so much want to watch with english subs. They dont work for us !

    i love you guys keep it up , and just get rid of these mosquitoes flying around the forum

  9. Wong, kindly shut up please.

    These people work on their own time for free to fansub old anime and share it with us. Why do you think you have to right to come in here and boss them around you little twerp?

    Also, the only ones who joke about death are sociopaths and sheltered little kids who have never had to experience the loss of a loved one. Which on are you?

  10. i dunno who’s more retarded here. that wong for trolling or being a human waste dumber than horse shit, or the people actually responding to him seriously or with a respectful tone. Delete the comment, ban the user, move on. any attent spent on this douchebag is beyond a waste of time, life, effort, and kindness trying to deal with it. he deserves nothing but being silenced and ignored to death.

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